Trump’s Attorney’s Meet With Federal Prosecutors Ahead Of Possible Indictment


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Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys are taking the case straight to Special Prosecutor Jack Smith.

The attorneys met with members of Smith’s staff on Thursday, ahead of what many believe will be an arrest and indictment of the former president.

The meeting occurred on the same day as the federal grand jury was scheduled to convene at a federal courthouse in Washington, leading to speculation that an indictment might be imminent, Fox News reported.

Last week, Trump, who is currently ahead in the 2024 GOP presidential primary field, revealed that he had received a target letter from the Justice Department, along with a request to appear before the federal grand jury.

The former president predicted an “arrest and indictment” in response to the development.

“They’re in a rush because they want to interfere. It’s interference with the election — it’s election interference,” Trump noted during a town hall on Fox News with Sean Hannity last week. “Never been done like this in the history of our country, and it is a disgrace what’s happening to our country — whether it is the borders or the elections or kinds of things like this, where the DOJ has become a weapon for the Democrats.”

“An absolute weapon,” he said.


It comes after the office of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp confirmed that it has been contacted by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office in regards to the investigation into alleged election interference by former President Trump.

“I can confirm our office has been contacted by Jack Smith’s office, but we will decline to comment further at this time,” the Republican governors’ spokesman Andrew Isenhour said to CNN.

Smith’s team contacted Kemp’s office this week, according to a person familiar with the outreach.

The Washington Post was first to report Smith’s reach-out to Kemp.

Trump pushed Kemp to overturn the 2020 presidential election result in Georgia after he narrowly lost the state to Democrat Joe Biden. After Kemp refused, Trump tried to sink the governor’s reelection efforts by recruiting a challenger in the 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary. Kemp was reelected despite Trump’s efforts.

“He was mad at me. I was not mad at him. I told him exactly what I could and couldn’t do when it came to the election, and I followed the law and the Constitution. And as I’ve said before, that’s a lot bigger than Donald Trump. It’s a lot bigger than me. It’s a lot bigger than the Republican Party,” Kemp told CNN earlier this week.

Smith’s investigators have also recently contacted former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, whom Trump pressured to overturn the election after losing that state in 2020 as well.

It appears that former President Donald Trump may score a massive victory against Special Counsel Jack Smith in his classified documents case.

The judge in that trial, Judge Aileen Cannon, appears prepared to push the start date of the trial past December, which was the government’s request, and possibly past the 2024 presidential election, The Palm Beach Post reported.

She also rebuffed the prosecution’s attempt to prevent Trump and his codefendant, Walt Nauta, from accessing the classified evidence against them before the trial.

The Post reported.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon called the effort “a bit rushed” and chided prosecutors for filing their motion Monday without first conferring with the defense attorneys. She also questioned prosecutors’ proposed Dec. 11 trial date, weighing whether the complexity of the case may warrant more time for attorneys on both sides to prepare.


Cannon did not issue an order rescheduling the trial but promised to do so soon.

Tuesday’s hearing, the first pretrial conference held in the classified documents case, saw lengthy debate over whether Trump’s status as a presidential candidate warranted an indefinite delay of the trial. Cannon, like prosecutors, seemed unconvinced that it did.

Defense attorneys Todd Blanche and Christopher Kise requested the trial start in November 2024, after the presidential election.

“It is intellectually dishonest to say this case is like any other case,” Blanche said. “It is not.”

Judge Cannon, whom Trump appointed, seemed open to the arguments from Trump’s lawyers but did push to set some dates and a more concrete timetable.

“We need to set a timetable,” Cannon said. “Some deadlines can be established now.”

Justice Department attorney David Harbach said that the idea that Trump could not get a fair trial before the election was false.

“In short, Mr. Trump is not the president. He is a defendant indicted by a grand jury,” he said.  “Our view is he should be treated like anyone else.”

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