Geraldo Rivera Announces He’s Departing Fox News Show ‘The Five’


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Geraldo Rivera, arguably the most unpopular Fox News hosts with conservatives, is heading for the exit.

The 79-year-old controversial host announced on Wednesday that he was leaving “The Five” but staying at the network as a Correspondent At Large.

“Morning, it’s official, I’m off @TheFive. My last scheduled show appearances are Thursday and Friday June 29th and 30th. It’s been a great run and I appreciate having had the opportunity. Being odd man out isn’t always easy. For the time being, I’m still Correspondent at Large,” he said in a tweet.

It is unknown at this time if Rivera left on his own or was removed, but he has had a volatile relationship with some of his cohosts.

In April Greg Gutfeld and Rivera got into a screaming match over Joe Biden’s border crisis.

During a segment on The Five, the table was discussing Joe Biden’s border crisis and reports of roughly 15,000 Haitian migrants coming to the U.S.

Things took a turn when Rivera misinterpreted a comment made by Gutfeld.

Gutfeld was detailing how Democrats and their allies in the media “are neglecting rising crime rates in U.S. cities,” accusing them of “ignoring rampant violent crime that started last summer.”

“All of our cities are degraded, dangerous –,” Gutfeld started before he was interrupted by Rivera.


“Stop, Geraldo. Let me finish. I let you talk for god knows how long,” Gutfeld said.

After Gutfeld finished his point, Rivera later “revisited his remarks, and implied Gutfeld was suggesting the migrants would commit crimes if allowed in the country.”

“I have to rebut what Greg said about Haitian immigrants and crime,” said Rivera, who challenged his cohost to find evidence linking Haitian immigrants and rises in crime, which was not alleged by Gutfeld, who understandably became agitated.

The pair then went at it:

GUTFELD: Oh my god. You are so wrong, Geraldo.

RIVERA: What does crime have to do with these people? You know what their crime is?

GUTFELD: Jesus Christ, you are totally misreading this! I was talking about how the media covers the story!

RIVERA: These–

GUTFELD: No, no because you screwed up. It’s embarrassing, Geraldo. You’re embarrassing me.

RIVERA: Well, be embarrassed.

GUTFELD: No, because you’re wrong!


GUTFELD: No, no, no, no. Let me respond to your lie to your face! I was talking about how the media ignored a story about the crime issue! It wasn’t about Haiti! Jesus! Apologize!


RIVERA: You wanted to make this stereotypical linkage. And Haitians have been screaming–


GUTFELD: That is so wrong. So wrong.

Then, Rivera apologized to Gutfeld when “The Five” co-host Dana Perino read the transcript to defend Gutfeld.

“He did not say Haitians are causing crime to go up,” Perino asserted.

“I apologize, Greg,” Rivera told Gutfeld.

“I accept your apology,” Gutfeld replied.

“My problem with what you said is the juxtaposition, even though you did not intend it between violent crime, which is a separate topic and you made that clear in the point and that’s why I apologize and the Haitian immigrants,” Rivera added.

“We cannot turn into ‘The View’ and become emotional about things,” Gutfeld noted.

Weeks later, after top rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson was axed from the network, Gutfeld and Rivera got into on Twitter.

“I don’t wish ill on anybody, but there is no doubt-as I said at the time-Tucker Carlson’s perverse January 6 conspiracy theory was ‘bullshit.’ Having lost the election President Trump incited an insurrection that sought to undermine our Constitutional process,” Rivera wrote on Twitter.

That led Gutfeld, who co-hosts “The Five” and Fox’s popular late-night comedy show “Gutfeld!” to respond sarcastically: “You’re a class act Geraldo. A real man of the people.”

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