Lake Warns America to ‘Buckle Up’ After Encouraging Forecast From Election Data Analyst


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Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake sounded a positive note to her supporters in the state and around the country on Saturday.

Lake’s upbeat message came after a data analyst for a local news outlet forecast good things for the Trump-backed GOP contender who has been trailing her Democratic rival, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs over the weekend.

“From the data guru himself,” Lake tweeted, citing ABC15’s Garrett Archer, quoting something he tweeted: “‘The GOP cavalry is coming.'”

“Buckle up, boys and girls. It’s about to get fun!” she added, along with an American flag emoji.

Archer, a former elections official in the state, tweeted earlier: “This is also big. The next batch of 114k late early drop-offs that were transmitted to the elections department will break in favor of @KariLake. Important note: We do not know when these ballots will be tabulated, but the GOP cavalry is coming.”

He noted late Saturday evening: “Being that guy again. Today’s 85K batch only included a portion of this 114K. The reason you haven’t seen any calls, is b/c The agencies know this is coming. It’s not a question that Rs will win the next batches. Only a question of by how much.”


It should be noted that Explain America could not independently verify Archer’s information.

Lake delivered what she called “good news” to Republicans on Thursday night about the closely-watched race in Arizona.

During an interview on Fox News, Lake spoke about her close gubernatorial race in Arizona against Democrat Katie Hobbs, which still has not yet been called. Lake said she believed that she would get a majority of the remaining votes, which she expected would put her in the lead to win the race.

“I want [supporters] to know tonight I’m 100 percent confident we win this,” she told Sean Hannity. “People are so distrustful of our elections that they wanted to hand-deliver their mail-in ballot.

“And when they did that, we overwhelmed the system and they don’t have enough people to count them. This is why we need to reform our election laws, Sean. When they count those, by the way, we’re expecting them to go possibly 70 percent for us, maybe more,” she added.

Prior to Election Day, Lake shot down media rumors that she could be considered as a running mate with Donald Trump if he decides to jump in the 2024 presidential race.

“My question is if you’re elected, will you commit to serving all four years as governor?” ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked.

“I’m going to serve eight years as governor of Arizona,” she said.

Here is more of the exchange:

KARL: But I’m asking, is that a commitment that you will finish your team?

LAKE: Yeah, I’m going to serve eight years. Listen —

KARL: Even if Donald Trump comes to you and says, I want you to be my running mate, you will say no because I made a commitment for me to serve —


LAKE: I just have to laugh at this question. First of all —

KARL: Well, I mean, I’m not asking because I think you should be his running mate, it’s just that this was something written in “The National Review”. And one of our top supporters, I won’t say who, told me just a couple of days ago, she’s the running mate if Trump runs.


KARL: But my question was just a simple one, you’re committed?

LAKE: Okay. I just — I’m hearing this a lot on the campaign trail and what I think is happening, Jonathan, is the media is trying to scare the public I’m going to leave. I am devoted and dedicated to saving Arizona —

KARL: All four years.

LAKE: — to turning it around. And I like to say I’m the fake news’ worst nightmare. I’m going to be their worst nightmare in Arizona for eight years. I’m going to have two terms as governor.

Lake, who was a Phoenix-area newscaster and TV journalist for two decades, also blasted Hobbs as a “coward” for refusing to debate her.

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