Trump Shreds Four Former Presidents, Hillary Clinton, Asks Where Are Their Prosecutions


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Former President Donald Trump fired up another crowd during a ‘Save America’ rally Saturday evening after openly mocking the current Justice Department probe and pointing out that past presidents and a presidential wife remain aloof from such investigations for allegedly doing similar things.

Trump was in Minden, Nevada, in support of Adam Lexalt, a GOP candidate running against Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, as well as other Republicans when he called out President Joe Biden’s FBI and DOJ for raiding his Mar-a-Lago estate in early August over alleged violations of national security statutes. The department is claiming that Trump had top secret and other sensitive documents in violation of the law, though Trump has maintained that all of the documents he held had been declassified by him.

“This is a new hoax: the document hoax. Just look at how every other president has been treated when they left office. Very interesting. They’ve been given all the time needed [to return documents] — because you’re supposed to have as much time as you need — and complete deference when it came to their documents and their papers. ‘Take as much as you need,’” he said.

Earlier reports said that FBI agents took around 100 documents containing national security markings from Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., estate. Currently, a court-appointed special master is currently examining the documents to determine which ones fall under executive and attorney-client privileges.


“Barack Hussein Obama moved more than 20 truckloads, over 33 million pages of documents, both classified and unclassified, to a poorly built and unsafe former furniture store located in a bad neighborhood in Chicago. With no security, by the way,” Trump added before moving on to former President George W. Bush.

“George W. Bush stored 68 million pages in a warehouse in Texas and lost 22 million emails. Can you imagine if I lost two emails? They’d say, ‘This is terrible. It must have been nuclear in those two.’ … He lost 22 million. Can you believe that we’re talking about millions of pages and they’re coming after me? But they’re still looking for them. They’re still looking for those pages,” he said, then moving on to former President Bill Clinton.

“Bill Clinton took millions of documents from the White House to a former car dealership in Arkansas … and kept classified recordings in his sock drawer. In fact, he supposedly put the information from the White House into his socks and left the White House with the information, so we call it the sock case,” the former president added. “If I did that, there’d be major trouble and NARA — you know NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration — ‘lost’ an entire hard drive full of information from the Clinton White House. They lost it. They can’t find it.”

At that, Trump moved to one of his favorite political targets, former first lady Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated in the 2016 election, leading her to declare his presidency “illegitimate.”

“But almost as bad, crooked Hillary deleted 33,000 emails under congressional subpoena. She acid-washed them. … [It’s a] very expensive process. That’s why nobody does it. And then pounded her phones with hammers, making them totally unrecognizable to the naked eye. So she took those phones and she pounded the hell out of them,” the former president said.

Trump then moved on to Bush’s father, the late President George H. W. Bush.


“Meanwhile, George H.W bush took millions of documents to a former bowling alley and a former Chinese restaurant. … By contrast, I had a small number of boxes and storage at Mar-A-Lago — very small, relatively — guarded by the great Secret Service. And yet the FBI, with many people, raided my house. It’s in violation, by the way, of the Fourth Amendment, and many other things also,” he said.

“The radical left thinks by doing all these sinister and venomous things, they’re making us weaker, but actually they are making us stronger and much more unified than ever before. I really believe that. I believe that,” the former president noted further.


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