Fox Producer Tells O’Keefe Media That Tucker Was Fired As Part of Dominion Deal


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Investigative reporter James O’Keefe, the former head of Project Veritas and current president of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) has discovered the real reason fo0rmer Fox News host Tucker Carlson was axed from the cable news giant.

In a video he shared on Monday night a Fox News producer claims that Carlson’s termination was part of the Dominion lawsuit settlement.

Even in its case against Fox News Dominion does not cite any defamatory remarks Carlson made about them, unlike other hosts on the network.

Which begs the question, if this really was part of the settlement why would Dominion pick the number one rated host on the network to be the one it demanded to get canned even though he had not attacked them?

The video was done by an undercover journalist and the producer did not now he was being recorded so the possibility exists that he was simply making up a story.


We are presenting the evidence to you, the reader, to decide for yourself what you believe.

“OMG News has obtained incendiary footage of a Fox News producer talking about Tucker Carlson’s departure,” O’Keefe said.

“They gave them [Dominion] money. They say it wasn’t part of it. But we’re learning that, Tucker getting fired was part of that.” the Fox News producer, Sean Langille, said.

“Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit? Well, so did Tucker leave or did you guys part ways or Tucker was ousted?” the undercover reporter said.

“Yeah, he was ousted. Well, he brought up things that cost the company a lot of money…That, that was part of it. He was going to go after this whole thing about January 6 was… It was an inside job. He went after this guy Ray Epps, he said he was an FBI agent on the inside…. And basically encouraged it. He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on 60 Minutes. And the Murdochs were like, not too happy about it,” the producer said.

Last week Carlson informed a liberal reporter that he would be announcing his candidacy for president, but it was what he did next that drove the reporter to madness.

The reporter, Mattathias Schwartz of Insider, who has referred to Tucker as a “far-right firebrand” interviewed Carlson by text on Tuesday when the former host said he would announce his candidacy on Friday.


“When I asked Tucker Carlson in a text on Tuesday evening if he was planning a run for president, the newly self-employed far-right firebrand had a shocking answer: ‘Yes. Announcing Friday in New Hampshire,’” the furious reporter said in a story he penned on Thursday.

“But my earthshaking scoop was short-lived. After I credulously asked him to confirm that he was serious before I blasted out the news, which would reshape the 2024 presidential race, the former Fox News broadcaster confirmed what millions of Americans have already concluded: He’s just an a**hole,” he said.

When asked by the reporter if he was going to campaign for president Carlson responded “Yes. Announcing Friday in New Hampshire.”

But when the reporter asked follow up questions for confirmation Carlson responded “Totally kidding. Sorry. I can never control myself. I’m fundamentally a d**k. My apologies.”

“On Fox, Carlson stoked hatred of undocumented immigrants, glossed over the violence of the January 6 insurrection, and criticized US support for Ukraine. His fans are 63% male and 66% white, according to a survey by Morning Consult. Before he was fired — for reasons that range from sending a racist text message to allegations of misogyny and bullying — he was earning roughly $25 million a year. By moving his show to Twitter, Carlson reportedly stands to lose millions in severance for breaking a noncompete clause in his contract,” the furious reporter said in his story.

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