‘Is This A Real Story?’ Tucker Carlson Reveals Stunning Truth About Major Airline


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Top-ranked Fox News Tucker Carlson was stunned by a story that appeared in the Daily Wire by investigative reporter Luke Rosiak regarding a strange hiring at the airline JetBlue. Carlson began his Monday show with a lengthy monologue regarding the widening protests in China against uber-restrictive “Zero COVID” policies, which is the most pushback the Communist regime has received from its people in decades.

In addition, he ripped top U.S. politicians, athletes, actors, and journalists for essentially tepid responses to China’s repression.

The Daily Wire added:

Carlson claimed that greed or complicity had caused them to stay silent on China’s crackdown against its own citizens, noting that some of them had advocated for the kind of COVID policy that Xi had put into practice and a few had even praised the authoritarian regime for its approach to the pandemic.

Carlson later brought on Rosiak to discuss the case of John Perrys, a convicted felon and reported employee of JetBlue who in 2005 broke into a judge’s home and assaulted his daughter as she came out of the shower. Perrys was released in 2014 and according to the Florida Department of Corrections, he will be on felony probation until 2044.


“Is this a real story?” Carlson asked, according to the Daily Wire.

“They won’t hire you if you haven’t had the vaxx, but they did hire John Perrys,” Rosiak observed. “And interestingly enough, I thought you would get a kick out of this, the crime he was convicted of was assault with a deadly weapon while wearing a mask.”


Separately, Rosiak reported:

In 2005, The Associated Press reported that Perrys, then an Air Force captain, was charged in Louisiana with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon while wearing a mask, and that he faced up to life in prison. … Police said that when he was arrested, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and his vehicle contained knives, handcuffs, parachute cord, a shovel, and a mask, according to the AP.

Meanwhile, JetBlue’s job applications note: “Every decision JetBlue has made throughout the pandemic has been with our safety value front and center. Whether it’s requiring masks, or many of the other health and safety protocols we’ve had to navigate during the pandemic, all of these efforts have been focused on making the workplace and air travel safer for you and our Customers. As part of our commitment to health and safety, COVID-19 vaccines are required for all JetBlue employees. New hire employees must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of training.”

The Biden administration has never enforced the rule, and in fact, it was blocked for most of year by a federal court. The injunction expired recently, but the rule still isn’t being enforced.

According to a screenshot of an internal JetBlue web page that was reviewed by Rosiak, Perrys is listed as a “Pilot Trainee” as well as a “Crewmember since July 20, 2022.” A photo showed him underneath a banner that read, “Congratulations Class 34-22,” a reference to his training.

Rosiak said Perrys did not respond to a request for comment.


The first pilot who spoke to the outlet said that Perrys underwent training to fly the Airbus A320, and that “several instructors have refused to train him. Many captains have told management they’ll refuse to fly with him.”

A second pilot told the outlet Perrys is “on the line as a flying pilot in control of a plane with up to two hundred paying and oblivious souls on board.”

In September, a federal court struck down the Biden administration’s school vaccine and mask mandates.

U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty in Louisiana blocked the administration’s mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates for staffers of federally funded Head Start programs, The Hill reported, adding:

In his ruling, Doughty found that the plaintiffs had satisfied the requirements to warrant a permanent injunction. He ruled that the plaintiffs — a group of Head Start teachers from across the country along with several state governments — faced a “substantial threat of irreparable injury” if the mandate wasn’t taken down.

“Plaintiff States will incur the increased cost of training and of enforcing the Head Start Mandate, will be unable to enforce their laws, and will have their police power encroached. The Court finds that this would be an irreparable injury,” Doughty wrote in his ruling, according to The Hill.

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