Megyn Kelly Holds Back Tears While Announcing Big Change


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SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly made an emotional announcement by saying she will no longer be using “preferred pronouns.”

During an episode on her podcast, Kelly began by citing examples of violence meted out to women who defy what she referred to as the “trans lobby that means to deprive women of their spaces and rights.”

Kelly said that for years she never saw an issue with using whatever pronouns another person wanted, but things are much different today, she said. Kelly spoke about the case of Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, who was covered in tomato juice and pelted by crowds during a visit to New Zealand, where she warned about the dangers of the transgender movement’s negative impact on women, according to the New York Post.

Kelly then appeared to have a catch in her voice and tears in her eyes when she explained she had realized that “there is the harm. There’s the harm.”


“I was an early proponent of using preferred pronouns as far back as the early 2000s. Of saying ‘she’ when I knew the truth was ‘he.’ It seemed harmless, and I had no wish to cause offense. Trans people were tortured enough by the nature of their dysphoria and society’s disdain for them in general. So I complied. I went along with it,” she said.

“I didn’t see the harm,” she said. “I used approved terms like ‘gender-affirming care’ for medicinal gender manipulations, ‘cis’ to refer to natural born women and men, ‘assigned male at birth’ instead of ‘born male.’ I smiled and listened politely as a guest told me ‘Gender is just a social construct.’ I wanted to be supportive of those who were suffering. I would use this more evolved language. I didn’t see the harm.”

By 2020, Kelly said her views evolved.


Kelly made headlines last week when she offered Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis some harsh advice after his “botched” 2024 presidential announcement did not go as planned.

During a segment on her podcast, Kelly said she was not pleased with DeSantis’ announcement on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk last week, saying his presidential campaign launch had the “unsteadying feel of a disaster unfolding before your very eyes.”


Kelly said DeSantis should have had an announcement with an audience in attendance to showcase his ability to speak with voters and “story tell.”

She also said she’s made an attempt to have DeSantis on her podcast but that no one has gotten back to her, which led to her saying the governor needs to “grow a pair” and do interviews that might not always be easy.

“It was embarrassing and awkward and had the bewildering, unsteadying feel of a disaster unfolding before your very eyes. You can’t look away and yet you’re viscerally uncomfortable watching too. He made the announcement on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk and our pal David Sacks. Kudos to all involved for choosing a different medium and bypassing the mainstream media which hates DeSantis and which is *hated* by most Republican voters,” Kelly said.

Kelly, a former Fox News host, called DeSantis “chicken” and said she had been in touch with the DeSantis team but had not gotten a “yes” on doing an interview.

“Grow a pair. Like, come on for an adversarial interview with somebody who is going to ask you some tough questions. Be a man. I’m sick of the duck and cover drill that he’s doing only with friendly media,” Kelly declared.

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