‘We’re Going to Fix It’: Trump All But Declares 2024 Candidacy During Fiery Michigan Speech


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Former President Donald Trump was in top form at his most recent rally and he gave his biggest hint that he is planning on campaigning for president again in 2024.

He was in Washington Township, Michigan on Saturday for another “Save America” rally and he took direct aim that President Joe Biden and his administration, Newsmax reported.

“The stakes of this year’s midterm elections could not be higher,” he said to the crowd in a speech that aired live on Newsmax. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a time in our country where we felt so low, so dejected. What’s going on is absolutely unacceptable.

“We’re living through the most dangerous period of our lifetime. And we have a president who has no idea what’s going on. He has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s got no idea what he’s saying or where he is.

“Other than that, he’s doing a fantastic job,” the 45th President of the United States quipped.

“Historians will record this period of history as a catastrophic low point, and a stain upon our once great reputation,” he said. “It’s stained. But we’ll get rid of that stain.


“Never has our country been treated with this much disrespect and scorn by other world leaders,” he said.

“While there may be nothing we can do to stop Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline, with your vote this November we can stop our country’s decline, and we can make America Great Again,” he said.

He also took aim at the administration for getting rid of Title 42 which allowed for quick deportations during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s never been anything like it: We’re being invaded, and that’s the word,” Trump said. “We’re being invaded by millions and millions of people – many of them are criminals who should not be allowed into our country,” he said, sounding like he was in campaign form from 2016.

“We’re going to be paying a price and a very big one long into the future. You wait and see. Unfortunately, I’ll be right about that one, too,” he sdaid.

And that is when he gave his biggest hint yet that he wants to be president again, as he called the damage he says was done by President Biden”unbelievable but not irreparable.”

“Isn’t it nice, I’m saying it’s not irreparable?” he said. “We can fix it. Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to be here. We can fix it. We’re going to fix it. What a shame.”

And in a speech last Saturday when he was promoting the idea of Republicans taking back the Congress he used the word ”we” many times, hinting that he will be campaigning for president again, The Western Journal reported.

“One of the first things we must do when Republicans retake Congress is stop Joe Biden’s inflation nightmare,” the 45th President of the United States said.

“…With your vote we will bring Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s socialist spending spree to a screeching halt. We’ll do that very quickly,” he said to the crowd.


In another part of the speech the former president promised to totally “ban” Critical Race Theory.

“… [W]hen we retake Congress, Republicans will ban critical race theory in our schools, ban it in our military and ban it … in every part of our federal, state and local governments,” he said in another part of the speech.

The Journal cited some examples of why it believes that the former president could win again in 2024 due to what has happened to the United States with President Joe Biden in charge.

Energy independence: gone. Wisdom regarding NATO, Ukraine and Russia: nonexistent. International respect for America: quickly fading. Economic growth: crashing. Response to COVID: chaotic and despotic.

Let’s not forget border security and the debacle in Afghanistan or growing perceptions by China and North Korea.

And none of this is abstract and remote. Biden’s likeness is appearing next to price indicators on gas pumps with the phrase “I did that!” Trips to the grocery store are depressing.

And a recent poll showed that the odds are stacked against Democrats heading into the midterm elections.

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