MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Won’t Be On The Air Much Going Forward


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Rachel Maddow is by far the most popular voice on the left wing MSNBC network, but she has some news that both her fans, and likely the network, were not thrilled to hear.

The host came back only to inform fans that they will be seeing less of her, as she will only be hosting the show one night per week.

“Maddow will only host her MSNBC show on Monday nights going forward. It’s part of a new contract she signed with the network that will allow her time to work on other projects for MSNBC and NBC, including a film version of her award-winning podcast Bag Man, directed by Ben Stiller,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“In some ways, it’s the end of an era for MSNBC, where Maddow has hosted her popular show for nearly 14 years. It has grown into the most-watched program on the network, regularly drawing more than 2 million viewers, going toe-to-toe on most nights with Fox News host Sean Hannity (CNN remains a distant third). Not surprisingly, ratings dipped during Maddow’s hiatus earlier this year,” it said.


“So far, MSNBC isn’t announcing a permanent host to replace Maddow at 9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. But they are renaming the show MSNBC Prime on those nights, another sign Maddow’s move is permanent,” the report said.

Last month she appeared on her own “The Rachel Maddow Show” last month, and said that beginning in May, she will only host her show one day per week as she works on “other projects.”

“So, here’s the plan. I’m back. I’m gonna be here all this month, Monday through Thursday night,” she said in April. “And then, starting next month, starting in May, I’m gonna be here weekly. I’m gonna be here on Monday nights, again, to give myself just more time to work on some of the other stuff that I’ve got cooking for MSNBC and NBC.”

“And again, this might change. We will see how things go. But that is the plan as of now. So, now you know. And we will never speak of it again. Enough of that, let’s start the show,” the host said.

“I am also grateful almost beyond words for Ali Velshi, in particular, and for my other colleagues who filled in for me while I was away. … You should be so lucky to ever have a coworker as great as Ali Velshi,” she said.

But there could be a new host getting set to take Maddow’s spot.


In April it was reported that White House press secretary Jen Psaki is in talks to leave her current position in the administration of President Joe Biden and head to the cable news network MSNBC a source close to the matter has said.

There has been speculation for months that Psaki would leave the administration for a cable news position, which is not uncommon for former White House communications staffers, Axios reported.

And who would be better equipped to promote the administration’s talking points on national television than someone who has been in that position?

Psaki has been in close consultation with the White House counsel’s office about her departure, according to two sources familiar with the plans. She’s been treading carefully on the ethics and legal aspects of her plans.

No contracts have been signed. Government ethics rules have stipulations about how public employees can pursue private sector job opportunities while in office.


She’s also told some senior officials at the White House about her departure and her plans to join MSNBC, according to two sources.

Psaki has not yet formally told the White House press team about her departure, an administration source tells Axios.

MSNBC has been working with its compliance lawyers to make sure their conversations didn’t violate any government regulations, according to a source close to the matter.

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