Young Democrat Explains on Live TV Why He’ll Vote for Trump


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Jahmiel Jackson, a registered Democrat, Gen Z University of Chicago student and social chair and staff writer for The Chicago Thinker caused some significant fallout online and momentarily stunned a Fox News host by announcing his support for GOP frontrunner and 45th President Donald J. Trump on Friday.

Jackson, 21, told Fox News‘ “I’ve seen no form of accountability in this administration. I think this is what’s going to change my vote from formerly Joe Biden to Donald Trump.”

“I have seen the pullout of Afghanistan from Joe Biden. And then I watched him check his watch during the funeral of the servicemen. And I think if we were to go to a war, I’m prime age be drafted. And I don’t want him to check his watch while they’re burying me.”

“I don’t believe that he’s a competent commander in chief,” Jackson observed. “And then he’d probably blame my death on climate change in the same way he blamed the pullout in Afghanistan on Donald Trump.”


Newsmax’s Benny Johnson shared the video clip via X, formerly Twitter with the caption “Black voter STUNS Fox host into silence after slamming final nail in coffin of Biden 2024 campaign, ENDORSING Trump”

Florida Republican Lavern Spicer commented on X, Jahmiel Jackson is a young Black man from Philadelphia. So of course he’s a DEMOCRAT. But he just said on Fox News that he’s voting for TRUMP next year because if Biden takes us into war, he’s prime age to be drafted and he dont feel Biden would be accountable if he died fighting a war for him. Congratulations Democrats. Y’all gave us a president so awful, he’s turning people Republican.”

Reuters reported in early August that “Polls and Reuters interviews show younger Black voters and Black men of all ages are losing their faith in Democrats, Biden and perhaps even the political process, just three years after the U.S.’s biggest protests for racial justice and civil rights in a generation.” The newswire also pointed to a drop in Black voter turnout of nearly 10 percent from 52.7% in the 2018 midterms to just 42% in 2022 according to a Washington Post analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s survey.

Michael McDonald, a politics professor at University of Florida told the outlet, “Black voter turnout was down across the country in 2022. We saw it in the polls, the surveys, the exit polls and every way you could measure it.”


Conversely, Trump has enjoyed an increase in his share of black voters from 2016 to 2020 of about four percent Reuters said citing exit polls from Edison Research.

As reported by Explain America in late August, several videos posted by  black social media influencers, including some celebrities, has shown a groundswell of support for the former president following the release of his Fulton County, GA mugshot.

If this trend continues it could have devastating effects for President Joe Biden in 2024 as the Party has relied on the black vote for decades and even a 10 percent loss of that vote could mean Trump becomes president again.

“I don’t mean no harm and I don’t give a damn who this offends, but if that n***a Trump gets convicted of this crime and can still run for president, I’m voting for his a**,” a man in one video said.

”Trump is a brother now,” another black man said in a video on TikTok. “You go to jail in Zone 6, Atlanta, you a brother.”

Self-described former gangster turned believer in God, Antoine Tucker told followers “(Trump) just reached the point where the Hood just like f**k the Government Bring Back Trump so we can feed our families and not take our money to feed other ppl families.”

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