Final Vote Of Dianne Feinstein Raises Concerns Among Some


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The Democrat staff of the late California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is facing scrutiny for what it did just before the senator died.

The 90-year-old Senator died in her home on Thursday night, but it was what her staff did in the hours prior that had some charging them with “elder abuse.”

Mere hours before she died, she was assisted onto the Senate floor to vote “Aye” in a procedural vote to advance a short-term government funding bill.

The senator held on to the arm of an aide as her hand was raised, leading some users on X, formerly Twitter, to wonder if it was a “Weekend At Bernie’s” situation.

“Diane Feinstein voted on the Senate floor 1 day before her death. She required help- her aides lifted her arm up. Was she already dead? Was it Weekend at Bernies? Did they wheel her corpse out on the Senate floor and lift her arm up to vote?” one X user said.

The senator, despite accusations on the platform, was very much alive during her final vote, as a video showed her waving her hand to other senators unassisted.


The Daily Mail reported:

Feinstein walked in without the wheelchair she used in the final months of her 30-year Senate career as her health deteriorated following a bout with shingles.

After giving her colleagues a brief wave, she was escorted out again following her last fleeting appearance in the upper chamber.

Feinstein subsequently missed two Senate votes in the afternoon. 

But later on Thursday she was photographed at home in Washington D.C. with former California congresswoman Jane Harman.  

But what has many furious is that, in the final hours of her life, she was brought into the Senate to cast a vote at all.

“In the last days of her life, Democrats wheeled Sen. Dianne Feinstein into Congress and TOLD her how to vote instead of letting her enjoy the time with her family. That’s elder abuse,” Glenn Beck said.

“RIP Dianne Feinstein. I think it’s disgusting how her last days were the Democrat party wheeling her out to vote in the Senate even after she gave up power of attorney,” Tim Young said on X.

“Every Democratic member of Congress should be ashamed of themself. Propping up Dianne Feinstein until the hour of her death so she could vote in their favor! What could be more ignorant and horrific than caring more about your policies than your colleague!? These are sick people!” another X user said.

“Anyone on her staff should be ashamed, they were literally pushing her near-dead body to vote even on the day before she died. Feinstein’s legacy will forever be that she clung to power desperately until her last breath, not unlike a feudal lord. A trailblazer for gerontocracy,” another said.

In August, Feinstein was rushed to the hospital in San Francisco after suffering a major fall.


Feinstein, 90, apparently tripped in her home and was injured, but she has since been released after being treated and after some tests were completed, the Daily Mail reported.

“Senator Feinstein briefly went to the hospital yesterday afternoon as a precaution after a minor fall in her home. All of her scans were clear, and she returned home,” said a spokesperson for the aged Democratic senator.

Feinstein’s deteriorating health has been an increasingly serious concern for members of her party, some of whom have called on her to retire.

In the spring, as she remained out of the Senate for a prolonged period of time dealing with an illness, California Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and spoke with host Shannon Bream about having her retire so that California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom can appoint a replacement.

But Bream asked him if he had the same concerns about Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. John Fetterman, who has spent more time in the hospital than he has in the Senate since he was elected.

“It’s one thing to take medical leave and come back. It’s another thing where you’re just not doing the job,” he said. “The reality here is the sense that you need to have a deference to these senators who served so long. How about a deference to the American people? How about an expectation that if you sign up to do one of these jobs, you show up?”

“This has to do with someone who is just not showing up, and I said out loud what people have been saying in private, and this is how the Beltway works. They don’t like it when you call out someone who’s in power, and that’s why people are unlikely to do it. But we’ve had so many calls from the American people, and they say, ‘Yeah, that’s right. If you’re gonna sign up to do these jobs, show up!’” he said.

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