Jen Psaki Agrees Fox’s Peter Doocy Sounds Like ‘A Stupid Son Of A B****’


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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reportedly said that Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy sometimes sounds like a “stupid son of a b**ch.”

During an interview Thursday on the far-left podcast “Pod Save America,” which is run by several former Obama administration officials, Psaki was asked about Doocy.

Back in January, President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic calling Doocy “a stupid son of a b****.”


At the event this week, Politico White House Correspondent Eugene Daniels asked Psaki, “Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a bitch, or does he just play one on TV?”

“He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a bitch,” the press secretary said about Doocy.

Mediate’s Colby Hall took issue with Psaki’s comments and noted that reporters are correct that Psaki is headed to MSNBC next month, she may have violated ethics.

“For the record, I’ve long felt that Jen Psaki is a master of her job as Press Secretary but also may be the best at the job that we’ve seen in the current 24/7 political media ecosystem. But she is not above criticism. And her comments about why Peter Doocy may or may not come off as a ‘stupid son of a bitch,’ crosses a significant line given her widely reported future plans to join NBC,” he said.


He praised Psaki some more but said that her criticism of Fox News and Doocy, “still crosses a line that many in media were wildly focused on during the Trump administration and how staffers worked closely with Fox News. It was a big deal when say Bill Shine left Fox to go work with Trump, or when news broke of Kayleigh McEnany was reportedly going to join Fox News. Psaki should be held to the very same standard by the media held by Fox News or Trump staffers for the same.

“The bottom line is that Jen Psaki is a government employee who is openly criticizing a media outlet that is the competitor of her future employer. If Psaki has a “handshake deal” to join NBC after she officially leaves the briefing room podium, then she should reasonably be far more circumspect in not just her future briefings, but in any public appearance in which she is asked about competitors of her future employer,” he said.

It was reported this month that Psaki is in talks to leave her current position in the administration of President Joe Biden and head to the cable news network MSNBC a source close to the matter has said.

There has been speculation for months that Psaki would leave the administration for a cable news position, which is not uncommon for former White House communications staffers, Axios reported.

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