‘Slam Dunk Victory’ For Trump, CNN Legal Analyst Predicts Supreme Court Victory In Colorado Ballot Case


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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin had fantastic news for former President Donald Trump after the Supreme Court heard arguments on his removal from the Colorado ballot.

On Friday when he appeared on “CNN This Morning” he said it was a “slam dunk victory” for the former president.

“Our great panel, having solved Poland’s history. Is back with us now. Jeff, I want to start with you. There seemed to be a fairly unanimous opinion outside of the court that the arguments did not go well for Colorado did go well for Trump. Do you believe that’s the case, and if so, why?” host Phil Mattingly said.

“100% I agree with the case. In fact, I have rarely seen a contested case where the political breakdown did not was not reflected in the oral argument. This was close to unanimous. Justice Sotomayor I a little harder to read, but the other eight. Every argument that was put out in favor of the disqualifying the, the Trump candidacy, you know, went nowhere,” the legal analyst said.

“You know, was he was, was he covered by section three of the, of the 14th amendment? Did Colorado have the right to do this? Is the process that they followed correct?


“All of those arguments seem to go in the direction of letting Trump stay on the ballot,” he said.

“I, from painful experience. I don’t usually like to predict the outcome of Supreme Court cases based on oral argument. I’m going to make an exception and say this was a slam dunk victory in the offing for the Trump campaign!” he said.

During the segment Toobin also shredded Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, calling the Special Counsel a “Republican partisan.”

The analyst appeared on CNN on Friday to speak about the report and its implications after the president’s fiery press conference on Thursday night.

He accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of making the “classic Democrat mistake” of appointing a Republican as Special Counsel.

“As a prosecutor did Robert Hur and his team crossed the line here? The White House case is you already explicitly laid out in this report why you’re not going to prosecute Biden. It is unnecessary and over the top to list out all these things. Why you think a jury would be sympathetic to him?” “CNN This Morning” host Poppy Harlow said.

“Well, part of that report was an outrage, was a disgrace! I mean, the idea that they that he would make such a big point of, of, of Biden being elderly is not something a prosecutor needed to do,” the analyst said.

“That report didn’t have to be 300 pages. I mean, that report showed that Merrick Garland again made the classic Democratic mistake, which is “I know I’ll appoint a Republican, a Republican partisan, to investigate, and that will give us credibility,” he said.


“No, it never works. James Comey trashed Hillary Clinton in very similar way when he when he said, we’re not going to pursue charges. He then trashed her.

“What, what Hur did is exactly the same thing. He exonerated him, but with the other hand, raised these really unnecessary points,” he said.

“I’m wondering. Unnecessary. You would never need to put that to help justify why you’re not going to bring a case,” the host said.

“The issue in this investigation was criminal intent. That’s the difference between the Trump case and the Biden case,” the analyst said.

“But when, when Biden’s people discovered classified information in in the one of the offices, they called in the archives, they cooperated with the FBI and they told the truth.

“Donald Trump lied and obstructed, at least according to the indictment, extravagantly, endlessly. That’s what a prosecutor should be talking about. Not, not, Biden’s elderly quality,” he said.

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