Gaetz And Democrat Get Into Fiery Shouting Match During Debate


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A chaotic scene erupted in the House when a top Democrat got into a shouting match with Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Nevada Democrat Rep. Steven Horsford began shouting at Gaetz which caused Republicans to hit back at him on Thursday.

It happened when the representatives were debating a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to get rid of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the U.S. Department of Defense.

“Just this week, the sponsor of this amendment called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the military a, quote, “failed experiment.” He has called it “cancerous.” Just this week a senator from Alabama stated that it was his opinion that White nationalists are not necessarily racist and refused to denounce white nationalists serving in the military,” the Nevada representative said.

He said “just an hour ago, on this very floor, one of the members on the other side of this body said his amendment, quote, ‘had nothing to do whether colored people or Black people can serve.’”


He said that his comments “show exactly why we need Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives” in the military.

“This amendment does nothing to address the recruitment shortfalls that our services are facing and instead it will only make it more difficult to recruit Americans from diverse backgrounds representing the true makeup of our nation,” he said before taking aim at Gaetz directly.

“What are you so afraid of? Why do you keep bringing these divisive issues to the body of this floor!? You are out of order! You are exhausting, Mr. Gaetz!” he shouted.

“The gentleman has an obligation to address the chair, not other members. He did not do that, he was out of order, violating the decorum of the House,” the Florida representative said.

“Mr. Speaker, the childish antics that we just observed indicate that we’ve got a lot of work to do, both in this House and the military, not to have radical racial ideology governing our discourse and governing the policy choices that we make in these bills,” he said.

The prompted Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna to chime in.

“To have it about race just goes to show that maybe more members, maybe more members across the aisle need to be serving in our military because that’s not something that we focus on. What we focus on is mission readiness. That’s what it’s all about. I don’t care if you guys think that I’m racist. I’m a minority woman. Maybe I’m the wrong color minority for you, but I’m a minority woman. I support this for those reasons because I’ve lost friends,” she said.

And Rep. Luna has been a firebrand in recent times as she has gone after California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.


Schiff was censured by a majority of House members last month and, as a result, has gone down in U.S. history, though not in a favorable manner.

As noted by conservative attorney Rogan O’Handley, Schiff is one of just two dozen members of Congress since the country’s founding to have been censured.

“Adam Schiff has been officially Censured by Congress,” O’Handley, whose social media handle is “DC Draino,” tweeted Wednesday evening following the vote.

“Only 25 Reps have been censured in US history He will now have to stand in front of Congress while Speaker McCarthy scolds him for his role in aiding & abetting illegal spying on President Trump Humiliating!” he added.

Democrats tried shaming the Republican majority for their vote, but in fact, Schiff’s own conduct throughout former President Donald Trump’s term sealed his fate.

The effort to censure Schiff began with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), who labeled him a “criminal” for allegedly leveraging his former position as head of the House Intelligence Committee to falsely accuse former President Donald Trump of “colluding” with Russia to undermine the 2016 election.

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