Conservative Believes Durham Will Go After The FBI


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Just The News founder John Solomon believes that Special Counsel John Durham is preparing to go after the FBI. Solomon spoke about the special counsel’s investigation into the Trump-Russia witch hunt and what Durham’s next move might be.

Solomon explained that he believes Durham is dealing with “two buckets.”

In one “bucket,” there are the last two indictments against officials who were connected to Hillary Clinton and their plan to feed the FBI false information about Trump-Russia conspiracies. He said the other “bucket” focuses on the FBI and whether agents knowingly mislead the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on members of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“But Durham developed really significant evidence that red flags, the stop-now warning signs go all the way back to August when Bruce Orr, in 2016 came to the FBI and said Christopher Steele is dumping a dossier. He hates Trump. He’s hired by Hillary Clinton and most of his information is raw and uncorroborated,” he said.


Senate Democrats are mulling action against Durham.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were responding to a well-timed New York Times report over claiming that there were ethical concerns during the investigation that led to several staff departures. They included alleged concerns over former Attorney General William Barr’s involvement in the probe, as well as the decision to go to trial lacking sufficient evidence.

“These reports about abuses in Special Counsel Durham’s investigation — so outrageous that even his longtime colleagues quit in protest — are but one of many instances where former President Trump and his allies weaponized the Justice Department,” committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) noted in a statement.

“The Justice Department should work on behalf of the American people, not for the personal benefit of any president. As we wait for the results of ongoing internal reviews, the Senate Judiciary Committee will do its part and take a hard look at these repeated episodes, and the regulations and policies that enabled them, to ensure such abuses of power cannot happen again,” he said.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee suspects that first son Hunter Biden was likely “in proximity” to classified documents that have been discovered in his now-president father’s Delaware home.

“We have reason to believe that Hunter Biden has had some contacts that would be of concern to our national security,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) said Tuesday, according to Fox News.

He told reporters he believes Hunter was around the documents, which were found in a garage in the family’s Wilmington home where President Joe Biden keeps a classic Corvette.

He added that, in “the beginning, the story was that the National Archive triggered the raid on Mar-a-Lago and that the administration has come back and implied that it wasn’t the National Archives that it was actually the Department of Justice.”


Continuing, Comer said Republicans in the House “want to know who triggered the raid on Mar-a-Lago,” why there was “such a difference” in how former President Trump’s classified document situation was handled compared to Vice President Mike Pence’s documents, and that GOP lawmakers are “very concerned” about “who had access to Biden’s documents.”

“With respect to the investigation we’re conducting, we have reason to believe that Hunter Biden has had some contacts that would be of concern to our national security,” Comer told reporters.

He said House Republicans “want to know who had access to the documents,” “who all was involved with the president’s personal attorneys,” and if they possessed the proper security clearances to obtain and handle said documents.

“We don’t know who his personal attorneys are; we don’t know who their clients are,” Comer said. “So we just have basic questions. We’re not accusing anyone of any wrongdoing. We just want to know the facts.”

“We’re pretty certain that Hunter Biden was in the proximity of the documents,” Comer added after being pressed by Fox News.


Comer said Republicans are confident that Hunter Biden was around the documents because “they were in the house where Hunter Biden lived for two years.”

“I wouldn’t rule out searching anywhere where certain relatives of the Biden family, who we all know, have been involved in the influence-peddling schemes,” Comer previously said in an interview with Fox News. “I wouldn’t rule out looking at their locations because this is clearly a pattern. No one believes these documents were delivered to 5 or 6 different locations once they left the Vice President’s office. Something bad is going on here.”

The outlet noted further:

The top House oversight Republican also noted that Biden’s campaign promise to be “the most transparent administration in history” and that if Democrats “want to continue to defend the indefensible, then more power to them.”

The president has been under fire for weeks after several batches of classified documents were found at his Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington, D.C., and his Wilmington home. One facet of the scandal is whether Hunter Biden was around or had access to the classified documents in the elder Biden’s home.


Hunter Biden, who is a recovering crack addict who has had several questionable business dealings with overseas contacts in Ukraine and China, noted in his 2021 memoir that often, Biden family members would “quarantine” in the Delaware home where the documents were located.

“The president’s classified documents scandal came after he used the FBI to raid his predecessor’s Mar-a-Lago estate to recover” similarly classified documents, Fox News added.

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