Host of ‘The View’ Reads Legal Note After Making Ridiculous Claim About Jason Aldean


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The women of the ABC talk show “The View” have never been slaves to facts and that trend has continued after a new song by country singer Jason Aldean caused controversy.

CMT (Country Music Television” removed the video from its network because people complained that the video and lyrics, which refer to the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, were somehow deemed racist.

Co-Host Sunny Hostin, in talking about the artist and video, said that Aldean’s hometown of Macon, Georgia is known to be “racist” but facts get in the way of her assertions.

“I’m actually not going to give [Aldean] the benefit of the doubt,” Hostin said.

“As a lawyer, when I put my legal hat on, I don’t believe in censorship,” she said. “However, this man is from Macon, Georgia. My father’s from Augusta, Georgia, and Macon, Georgia. I spent many summers there. … It is one of the most racist places in this country.

“So don’t tell me that he knew nothing about what that imagery [from the music video] meant. … So I don’t give him the benefit of the doubt,” she said.


But Western Journal reported that what she claims is highly unlikely.

According to the Census Bureau, Macon-Bibb County is majority black: 54.3 percent to 38.4 percent white. If there is rampant anti-black racism there, it’s being perpetrated by the minority.

In fact, the local government has four black commission members, and the mayor’s web page features a prominent entry about “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” efforts.

But Hostin had to end the segment by reading a legal note from Aldean’s team.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the cohost said. “I have a legal note: Jason Aldean defended his song in a statement, saying the references people have made are not only meritless but dangerous.”

“He added there is not a single lyric in that song that references race or points to it, and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage,” she said.

“Did you ever hear of a dog whistle?” cohost Joy Behar said.

“And while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music, this one goes too far,” Hostin said, continuing the legal note.

This week the hosts of the show were beside themselves when they learned of a scenario that could assist former President Donald Trump in regaining the presidency.


Recent polls have shown that a legitimate third party candidacy by someone like West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, could take enough votes from President Joe Biden to give former President Trump the victory.

Ana Navarro, who claims to be a Republican but whom we cannot recall ever supporting a conservative candidate or cause since 2016, was furious with the group No Labels and its campaign.

After acknowledging that her husband, political strategist Al Cárdenas, had been involved with No Labels in the past, she expressed her opinion that putting up a third-party candidate this time around is “dangerous.”

“I think this is the stupidest thing ever,” Navarro said during the Monday program.

“And let me just say this, my husband has been very supportive of No Labels,” Navarro continued. “He’s been a part of No Labels. When No Labels started, one of the things they did was bring together a bunch of people in Congress, Senate, and House, with a bipartisan agenda. It was Republicans and Democrats trying to work together on some of the crises that we have in this nation, and I think that part is so needed and so great.

“But this is dangerous because — let’s just put things in context,” she added. “This is not a normal thing. This is not Bill Clinton versus George Herbert Walker Bush with Ross Perot playing spoiler. No. This is Donald Trump.”

“He is a threat to national security. He has threatened our democracy. He caused an insurrection. He has weaponized government against his enemies and so if you, Jon Huntsman or Joe Lieberman — I love you, Joe Lieberman, but you’ve got to stop this, Joe. Joe, Joe, this is insane, and you cannot do anything, anything that could possibly help Donald Trump become president. You cannot be an accomplice on that. You are better than that, Joe,” she said.

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