Fox News Show ‘The Five’ Goes Berzerk After Hosts Talk About Democrat Censorship


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The Fox News show “The Five” has seen some liberals on their panel disappear in recent times and now there is one left, and she is taking the flack.

On Friday’s edition of the show the panel was talking about the fact that Democrats wanted Republicans to cancel Robert Kennedy Jr.’s appearance before Congress this week after controversial comments he made had surfaced, but Republicans did not acquiesce.

That sparked a fierce debate on the show regarding the Democrats’ propensity for censoring views they disagree with, and the question regarding that was addressed to Tarlov.

“Jessica, why is it that the Democrats all of a sudden have this totalitarian instinct to shut people down, to claim that what they are saying is disinformation, misinformation, or malinformation, where they admit that what Kennedy is saying is true but it doesn’t jive with their ideology?” Jeanine Pirro said.

“So first of all, when we’re talking about the censorship – and I mentioned this yesterday, but it is important to reiterate – RFK Jr. began his statement by saying, ‘I was censored by the Trump administration and I was censored by the Biden administration.’ The Hunter Biden laptop story happened in October of 2020, when Donald Trump was the president. His administration made the same kinds of requests of big tech to take things down that the Biden–,” Tarlov said before cohost Jesse Watters said.

“We agree. The FBI’s out of control,” he said.

“It wasn’t Trump–,” cohost Greg Gutfeld chimed in.


“Yeah, the Trump-appointed FBI director,” Tarlov said.

“No, no, no, no, the FBI that’s been against Trump and for Biden for six years,” Watters said.

“I forgot, the ultimate victim,” Tarlov quipped.

“Don’t even go there,” Pirro snapped.

“You guys went there,” Tarlov retorted, even though she was the one to first mention Trump.

“We know what it was like when Trump was president. He didn’t have a friend among Republicans,” Gutfeld said.

“Especially the State Department, especially the FBI,” Pirro said.

“Ugh, Donald Trump, my heart breaks for you. Ok,” Tarlov said smugly.

“Well you brought him up! Let’s talk about Kennedy,” Pirro demanded.

“All right, let’s talk about your guys’ boyfriend, RFK Jr. So, first of all, he’s polling at 14%, not 17%. The reason it’s going down is people are hearing him and they don’t like what he has to say because he has no agenda that speaks to the Democratic Party and our values,” Tarlov sniped.

“He wants to talk about being anti-vaxx, which is not what we think come he wants to do, videos at the border. And I think the border is an important issue, but you know what I want to hear them talk about? Talk about your work as an environmental lawyer, talk about what’s going on with climate change,” she said.

“He did. He did!” cohost Katie Pavlich said.

“No, lead with it. Have a set of economic policies,” Tarlov said.


“It’s also 17%,” Pavlich said.

“Fox today said 17,” Pirro said.

It came after RFK spoke in front of members of the House of Representatives on Thursday and gave an impassioned speech about how the Democrat party has censored him.

“This letter, and many of you signed, my fellow Democrats, I’ve spent my life and this party, I’ve devoted my life to the values of this party, a hundred and two people signed this.

“This itself is evidence of what this hearing was convened to address. This is an attempt to censor a censorship hearing,” he said.

“Censorship is antithetical to our party. It was appalling to my father to my uncle to FDR, Harry Truman and Thomas Jefferson,

It is the basis for democracy. It sets us, apart from all of the previous forms of government,” he said.

“And the First Amendment was not written for easy speech. It was written for speech that nobody likes you,” he said.

“I was censored, not just a democratic administration. I was censored by the Trump Administration. I was the first person censored by, as chairman put it, of the Biden administration two days after it came into office,” he said.

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