Republicans Defeat Democrats In Major Swing State With Voter Registration


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Democrats continue to lose ground to Republicans in the age of uber-left-wing cultural controversies and President Joe Biden’s policies which are increasingly being perceived as failing the country.

So much so, in fact, that the former historic swing state of Florida is now solid red, giving Republicans control of a large and growing population center.

According to the latest statistics, Republicans out-registered Democrats in the state for a second straight year with nearly 17 6,000 more voters in total.

The Florida Division of Elections reports there are 5,135,749 registered Republicans compared to 4,959,838 registered Democrats in the Sunshine State as of May 31, the Daily Caller reports.

The Florida Republican Party has added 82,900 more voters to its ranks since the last major U.S. election cycle in 2020, the report continued.


Because of the major shift to the right under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, POLITICO reports that after the 2022 election, Florida is no longer likely to be considered a swing state (much like Ohio, which has trended red for years and which Donald Trump won easily in 2016 and 2020).

“Florida’s transformation into a red state continues to march forward,” the report noted.

“In the last few days, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has been urging her supporters who may be Republicans or independents to switch their registration ahead of the Aug. 23 Democratic primary so they can vote for her over rival Rep. Charlie Crist,” POLITICO Playbook continued.

“But the voter registration numbers overall continue to show that Democrats are getting left far behind. It’s just another data point on why Republicans are supremely confident they will dominate the 2022 elections in a state where President Joe Biden is struggling and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ approval numbers remain above water,” the report stated.

The results thus far have led to an increasing degree of panic among Democrats — in Florida and nationally.

“As of now, Republicans now outnumber Democrats by 165,911 voters in Florida. I’m calling on all voter registration groups to assist me in getting Democratic voters registered. If we are to have a chance, we need voters. Who still believes in the power of our collective votes?” tweeted Allen Ellison, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Florida.

Just last fall, Republicans managed to surpass Democrats in total voter registration for the first time in Florida’s history. One GOP official described the phenomenon as a “milestone moment” and a result of a sustained registration effort that DeSantis had pushed.


“Democrats in the past have tried to suggest routine voter list maintenance and switching active to inactive voters is responsible for Republican gains. But the swelling rolls just point to a state that is trending to the GOP, helped in part by people relocating to Florida from other parts of the country. Democrats maintain leads in Florida’s urban counties but they are now trailing independents (voters officially known as “no party affiliation”) in nearly a dozen counties with GOP majorities,” POLITICO added.

“DeSantis’ prediction that Florida will no longer be a battleground state after this year’s election is moving closer into view.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s polling has reached historically low numbers for his administration. In fact, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polling, Biden’s approval rating now stands at just under 38 percent.

The White House maintains that it has not given up on Florida, but it looks like the idea is to continue to attack DeSantis directly.

“The administration has been very, very present in the state,” Building Back Together, a Biden-affiliated group, chief strategy officer Mayra Macias, said recently. “Be it the first lady in Palm Beach or Cabinet secretaries in other places, so I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to say the administration has written off Florida. You are seeing visibility at the highest levels.”

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