AOC-Backed Texas Progressive Jessica Cisneros Concedes Congressional Primary


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A far-left congressional candidate in Texas backed by self-styled “Democratic socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t be headed to Washington anytime soon.

Jessica Cisneros, who was endorsed by the New York progressive, has conceded defeat.

Cisneros bowed out to incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar in the Democratic primary runoff election after a recount determined that Cuellar won with a few more votes than initially reported back in May.

“As I said on election night, ‘the margin will hold’ — and it has not only held but grown,” Cuellar said in a statement.

“To those who did not vote for me, as your Congressman I will continue to work diligently for you in Washington. While we may differ on certain positions, we share common ground on many issues to improve our communities and strengthen families,” he added.


“It is now time to come together and win the General Election in November,” he added after appearing to win the 28th congressional district by about 289 votes following the recount.

In her concession statement, Cisneros refused to take responsibility for her loss and instead used her AOC talking points to blame just about everyone and everything else.

Cisneros said her loss was due to “a corrupt political machine, Republican-funded Super PACs, the Koch brothers, private prisons, Big Oil, the Chamber of Commerce, dark money groups, Big Pharma, and nearly the entire Democratic Party establishment in Washington.”

“With this close of a margin, it’s clear that without their aggressive interference in the lives of South Texas families, we would have won,” she said.

“The biggest thing holding us back from pursuing the change we deserve is their fear. Fear of change, fear of the future,” she claimed.

Ocasio-Cortez made a similar argument and tore into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Whip James Clyburn, and other top Democrats who publicly supported Cuellar’s campaign.

“Accountability isn’t partisan. This was an utter failure of leadership,” Ocasio-Cortez complained of leadership’s support for Cuellar. “Congress should not be an incumbent protection racket and sadly it is treated as such by far too many. The fact is those who fail their communities deserve to lose. They don’t need rescuing from powerful leaders who state they fight for gun safety, the right to choose, and more.”

AOC went all-in on the race and backed a socialist candidate in deep-red Texas, and she lost, Conservative Brief noted.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman-Elect Mayra Flores (R-Texas), who became the first member of the GOP to win her South Texas district in 150 years, told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that the Democrat Party took the people of the region for granted, which is why she won the special election to replace Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas).


“Well, to be honest with you South Texas has always been conservative. We’re all about faith and family, and hard work. That is who we are but The Democrat party took us for granted,” she said.

“They felt entitled to our vote, making the same promised over and over and really not making nothing happen, and I honestly had enough,” Flores added.

“I was really fed up with the compadrismo here in South Texas, and that’s the reason why I decided to run and of course, the Republican party is investing now in south Texas and that helps us significantly getting the funding out there to the entire district to be able to tell them the Republican Party is fighting for their values, that Mayra Flores is fighting for their values – values that are worth fighting for,” she continued.

Flores said that the main issue of concern to her voters is definitely the inflated cost of living under Joe Biden and the Democrats.

“It is the cost of living. Everyone is extremely pissed off, angry at the Biden administration because of the increase of gasoline, of groceries, of medication. That is hurting them tremendously, not only here in south Texas but in the entire country, and of course, the border crisis is something we see here right behind our backyards,” she said.

“It is not something we need to be told by the news. It is something we’re seeing here every single day, and me, that I came here when I was six years old. I was blessed to come here legally, but I don’t want my experience to be a rare experience,” the congresswoman-elect said.

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