James Comer Threatens To Subpoena Entire Biden Family


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The Republican party appears to be done playing games with President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman, Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer spoke to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo and said that subpoenas could be in the Biden family’s future.

“This is always going to end with the Bidens coming in front of the committee. We are going to subpoena the family. We know that this is going to end up in court when we subpoena the Bidens,” he said.

“So we’re putting together a case, and I think we’ve done that very well. We’ve shown the bank records,” he said.

“If I had subpoenaed Joe and Hunter Biden the first day I became chairman of the committee, it would have been tied up in court and the judge would have eventually thrown it out,” the representative said.

“We have put together a case that I think would stand up in any court of law in America,” he said. “We want to talk to about three or four more associates first. We’ve been communicating with a couple of them.


“We’re trying to bring them in just like we did Devin Archer for a transcribed interview.,” the representative said. “If they don’t come in voluntarily, then they’ll be subpoenaed.

“It’s very difficult. You know how hard the Democrats tried to get Donald Trump. So this is very difficult,” he said.

A former stripper associated with Hunter Biden has made some startling claims about him in a revealing new interview.

Allie Kennedy, who appears nude in a number of photos found on Biden’s laptop, told the UK’s Daily Mail that he is a “shady dude” who appears to be the lost child of the first family and its “whipping boy.”

“I truly think that he’s been lost since he was a little boy,” she told the outlet. “He’d say that he was the black sheep and he’d always been second to Beau. Beau is the hero, the white knight.”

After some “very deep conversations with him,” she came to the conclusion that Hunter Biden is “kind of the whipping boy of the family.

“I don’t think that the man was ever properly loved by his parents. I think for his father’s approval, he would do anything. I think that’s how he was stupid enough to get tied into that Russia, China, Ukraine business. He just wanted his father’s approval and love,” Kennedy charged.

“Hunter’s a soft person and when his brother died, I think everything fell apart for him,” she said.

Kennedy also claimed that the first son is “obsessed” with crack cocaine.

“He would talk about how crack was the greatest drug, more pure than cocaine. He’d say it’s not a poor man’s drug and he’d give me all these crazy facts about crack. He really loves crack. It’s kind of weird. He’d say actually, it’s the purest form. It’s way healthier for you than cocaine. I was like, ‘listen to that sentence Hunter. Stop talking,’” she said.

Kennedy also said that Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, whom Hunter had an affair with after Beau’s death, also indulged in the drug.

“One night he left me and Hallie at the table together at dinner. She slid next to me and said ‘I know it looks weird. You’re probably judging me. But I never cheated on my husband.’ She wanted to make it very clear to me. I was, like, ‘cheated on your husband or not, this is your brother-in-law. This is so frickin’ weird,'” Kennedy told the outlet.


“She told me that they started hooking up, kind of like a trauma bond. She was also on crack, she was probably paranoid that I was judging her. That night she was smoking crack and saying, ‘I never do this.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know girl, you look like you know what you’re doing to me,’” she told the Daily Mail.

Kennedy said she first met Hunter in a hotel room because he wanted a spray tan.

“He needed a spray tan at like nine o’clock at night. Now we know he was probably cracked out. I show up, and it’s three girls in his room. I guess he was living in the hotel at this point. I did the spray tan, he tipped me $500. And then he gave me an extra $300 to do the other girls. I was like, oh my god, I just made $800 in 20 minutes. Of course, I took his card,” she said.

Though she frequently exchanged naked pictures with him, she said they never had sex until they engaged in a one-night stand toward the end of their relationship. Kennedy also said he was frequently in a panic throughout 2018 and early 2019.

“Every time I talked to him he was in some kind of a panic about something that was going to come out in the media,” Kennedy said, noting the last time she saw him was in April 2019.

“He said he had to take me to dinner, and he had to tell me something. He was acting erratic. I knew that he was back on drugs again. He comes to dinner, his daughter was there. He was running in and out, sweating profusely, on his phone the whole time, and panicky,” she said.

“That conversation was kind of like him saying, ‘This is the last time you’re gonna hear from me because my dad’s gonna be the president.’ He just begged that I didn’t try to go to the media and say bad things about him. Then I never heard from him again,” she said.

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