WATCH: Megyn Kelly Slams Fired MSNBC Host As ‘Most Racist Person In All Of Television’


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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is thrilled that MSNBC has cut tis with controversial host Tiffany Cross, who she has been in heated wars with before.

And on her podcast on Friday she celebrated the fact that the host had been cut.

Kelly and her guest, fellow conservative broadcaster Dana Loesch, both honed in on Cross’s frequent anti-white diatribes, while Kelly described Cross as “the most racist person in all of television.”

“I have some good news. I have some good news,” Kelly told Loesch as she returned from a break. “Tiffany Cross, the most racist person in all of television and in particular on MSNBC, just got fired.”

“Pooor Tiffany,” she added mockingly, recounting briefly some of Cross’s past racist speech. “So, joy, oh joy. Tiffany Cross is gone!”

Loesch noted in the full clip that she had to “really think hard and remember who” Cross is before adding that she gets why MSNBC would let her go.

“It’s kind of hard to sell ads on, you know, some Karen screaming about, you know, all of these grievances that she sees everywhere that don’t actually exist, and she doesn’t even have her facts straight on half of it all the time, or any of it all the time,” she said.


Cross, who has hosted the Saturday commentary program “Cross Connection,” is leaving MSNBC and her staff was informed of the decision on Friday, Variety reported.

“MSNBC decided not to renew Cross’ contract after two years, according to one of these people, and severed ties with her immediately. A rotating group of anchors will lead her weekend hours until a replacement is found, and the production staff assigned to her show are believed to be likely to stay in place,” the report said.

“There has been speculation that Cross’ relationship with MSNBC was becoming frayed, according to two of these people, with executives at the network growing concerned about the anchor’s willingness to address statements made by cable-news hosts on other networks and indulging in commentary executives felt did not meet the standards of MSNBC or NBC News,” it said.

Last month former Fox News host Megyn Kelly shredded Cross as a “moron” and “dumbass,” calling her “the most racist person on television” for saying that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is black.

“To see all these Black men crashing into each other with a bunch of White owners, White coaches, and the complete disregard for Black bodies and Black life,” the MSNBC host said. “I mean, it just represents a larger issue.”

But the quarterback’s parents are from Samoa and he is not African American, Kelly said.

“He’s not Black. Hello? You dumbass, Tiffany Cross,” the former Fox News host said. “She’s the most racist person on television. It’s amazing. Maybe she just doesn’t see color. Anyway, he’s not Black, but according to her he is. Oh, and by the way, his coach isn’t White either.”

“Oh my God. I’m sorry. I wasn’t planning on starting with this moron Tiffany Cross, but it’s so good,” she said.

“He’s Samoan and his coach is mixed race,” she said. “Had a white parent and a Black parent. So, anyway, he’s not White. I guess in Tiffany’s world that’s White. But in any event, this person sees everything through a ‘it’s racist’ prism.”


Cross responded to the comment by bringing race into it, as is her trademark.

“Yes, I know. Megyn Kelly — the Blackface expert — had a lot to say about me this week based on something I actually never said. So I just want to tell her, you swung and you missed,” she said.

“Please, girl, move on with your life. It’s giving obsessed and honestly, guys, the Jesus and Santa are white lady is not going to claw her way back to social relevance on my show. Besides didn’t I merc her once already?” she said.

In the same show, she also went on a horrific rant against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“Which brings me to another problematic white woman who warrants some attention this week: Clarence Thomas. On this very day in 1991, ‘Justice Pubic Hair on my Coke Can’ was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and even though we collectively knew how bad it was then, we didn’t know just how problematic Tom would be until now,” she said.

She said that there “are many, many problems with Thomas,” and that the biggest is “his insurrectionist-sympathizing, Jordan Peel Get Out-inspired wife.”

“Sadly we won’t get to see the Real Housewives of Insurrection’s testimony before the January 6th committee, because they reportedly reached an agreement with her to not videotape,” she said.

It comes as news broke that far-left host Joy Reid is facing rumors that she may be on her way out. Reid’s show has plummeted in recent months and, in particular, since it first launched almost two years ago. “The Reid Out,” which airs at 7 PM ET, barely broke one million viewers.

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