Trevor Noah Riffs On Biden, CNN, Media, and More At White House Correspondents Dinner


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Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, host of the network’s “Daily Show,” took shots at President Joe Biden, CNN, and the media in general as he MC’ed the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner Saturday night in Washington, D.C.

And while Trevor also ridiculed Republicans as well, those aimed at Democrats and the left in general were particularly sharp.

“You guys spent the last two years telling everyone about the importance of wearing masks and avoiding large, indoor gatherings. Then the second someone offers you a free dinner, you all turn into Joe Rogan, huh?” he joked as he began his set in a crowded, mostly maskless venue.

Noah also noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s lead immunologist and top medical advisor to President Joe Biden, “dropped out” of attending, which he said “should have been a pretty big sign” for no one else to come.


“Fauci thought it was too dangerous to come tonight,” he joked again, emphasizing the immunologist’s name. Pointing into the crowd, Noah then said of Saturday Night Live star, “Pete Davidson thought it was okay” to attend. “And we all live with Pete.”

Later, he roasted MSNBC, CNN, and the media overall.

“The great chef José Andrés is joining us tonight. … Whenever there’s a disaster anywhere in the world, Chef José is there. Which I guess is why he’s sitting at the CNN table tonight,” the South African native quipped.

“Apparently Jeff [Zucker] got fired after he tried to keep his workplace relationship a secret, which is weird because if he really didn’t want anyone to know about it, he could’ve just made a show about it on CNN Plus,” he added to laughs.

“They spent $300 million on CNN Plus. Three hundred million. Can I be honest, CNN? I think Stanley Tucci was playing you guys. I think that dude knew exactly where Italy was and he was just going to keep searching as long as you were paying,” the comedian joked.

“What those people don’t understand is that you guys have integrity, you would never allow personal connections to affect your ability to be good journalists. Isn’t that right Chris Cuomo? Where is Chris by the way? Is he here? Couldn’t make it?” he joked.

Cuomo was famously fired by the network last fall after revelations surfaced that he provided more legal assistance to his embattled brother, now-former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was fending off allegations of sexual harassment. Also, Chris Cuomo faced similar allegations as well.

The MC and Comedy Central star then turned his attention to MSNBC and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who is reportedly leaving the administration to take a job at the network.


“Congratulations to Jen on your big career change. But you know, moving to MSNBC is gonna be a big switch up for you because, right now your current job is to make the Biden administration look as good as, as possible, you know, at all costs,” Noah said before delivering the punchline: Now you’re gonna be at MSNBC and you’re gonna have to… um… you’ll be fine actually.”

He then swiped at MSNBC generally, joking about how the network’s far-left hosts continually harp on Biden’s predecessor.

“By the way, MSNBC can I just say you guys are doing great work you know. I love watching your shows you know, when Trump was in office your shows were all about how bad he was,” he said. “And now that Biden’s in office, your shows are all about how bad Trump was. Consistency is important.”

The president himself was not spared, either, though Biden appeared to take jokes at his expense in stride.

“You know, sir, can I just say, I think everyone will agree it’s nice to one again have a president who’s not afraid to come to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and hear jokes about himself? I’ll be honest. I’ll be honest,” Noah said. “If you didn’t come I totally would’ve understood. Because these people have been so hard on you, which I don’t get. I really don’t. You know, I think ever since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up. Rent is up. Food is up. Everything.”

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