NBC Legal Analyst Says Hunter Biden Should ‘Plead Guilty’


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An NBC News legal analyst said that after his plea deal hit the skids it is in Hunter Biden’s “best interest” to “plead guilty.”

NBC News legal analyst, Chuck Rosenberg, spoke to NBC “Meet The Press” anchor Chuck Todd about the son of President Joe Biden and his legal issues.

CHUCK TODD: Let’s – I want to get your understanding of what happened in that Delaware courtroom with the Hunter Biden plea agreement. It fell apart under some basic questioning. Should, should – does that mean this is a pretty weak agreement?

CHUCK ROSENBERG: No, it doesn’t mean that. It does mean that attorneys on both sides perhaps didn’t do a good enough job of being very clear with each other and with the judge about what that plea agreement, that contract, was drawn up to do.

CHUCK TODD: Is that just – Is this just bad execution here? How does – this feels kind of basic.


CHUCK ROSENBERG: It’s kind of basic, but it happens. Most plea agreements go through without a hitch. This one had a hitch. It hit a snag. It’s remediable. It’s relatively easy to fix. If Mr. Biden still wants to plead guilty, and by the way, Chuck, I think it’s in his best interest to do so, the two sides are going to hammer this out.

CHUCK TODD: All right. Chuck Rosenberg, thanks for trying to provide some clarity to what is, I think, going to be a confusing situation for a lot of the American electorate. Thank you very much.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty on tax charges after his anticipated plea deal collapsed.

The anticipated plea deal of Hunter Biden collapsed as both federal prosecutors and the defense could not reach an agreement.

Initially, the judge overseeing the hearing said she had “concerns” about the parties linking the tax plea agreement to a deal for a felony gun charge. Hunter Biden pleaded “not guilty” to all his charges after the judge removed immunity from further prosecutions as part of his proposed plea deal.

“Judge Maryellen Noreika did not accept the plea agreement, questioning the constitutionality–specifically the diversion clause and the immunity Hunter Biden would receive. The judge pressed federal prosecutors on the investigation and questioned whether there was the possibility for future charges, and asked prosecutors if Hunter Biden was currently under active investigation. Prosecutors said he was, but would not answer specifically what the president’s son is under investigation for,” Fox News reported.

“Prosecutors on Wednesday said Hunter Biden pleading guilty to the two misdemeanor tax offenses would not immunize him from future charges. The judge asked whether a potential violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act was under consideration, but prosecutors were tight-lipped on the matter. The judge put the court in recess and asked that federal prosecutors and Biden’s legal team discuss the plea deal, telling the court that they did not appear to be in agreement on the terms,” the outlet reported.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley told CNN the back-and-forth in court shows the deal was flawed and that more charges could be coming down.


“It’s very telling that the judge intervened here and said basically, ‘No, I’m not going to approve some sweeping blanket deal,’” the Republican from Missouri said. “I mean, that tells you the court has serious concerns about other potential charges here, and also the scope of the deal, which has seemed outrageous from the beginning. This, I think, signals that they’re still very much as potential for prosecution forward.”

It was previously reported said that an official from the Department of Justice claimed there are discussions about postponing finalizing Hunter Biden’s plea deal as scrutiny over what many believe is a slap on the wrist continued, The Daily Mail reported.

Republicans were asking for the judge who had to decide whether or not to accept the plea deal to nix it as questions continued to surround Attorney Merrick Garland and his involvement, if any in the case.

The Attorney General informed Congress that he did not involve himself in the Hunter Biden case but not everyone believes that.

Now the Heritage Foundation is suing the Department of Justice for not releasing records of communications from Delaware prosecutor David Weiss’ under the Freedom of Information Act.

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