White House Will Not Rule Out Joe Or Hunter Biden As Cocaine Suspect


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Administration officials will not confirm or deny that the cocaine found in the White House belonged to President Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden.

What’s more, they will not even commit to letting the American citizens know who the culprit is, if that person is discovered.

“You know, President — former President Trump has made some pretty wild posts recently on social media.  One of them was that the cocaine found in the White House was — had belonged to either the President or his son.  Are you willing to say that that’s not the case, that they don’t belong to them?” a reporter asked Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates aboard Air Force One on Thursday.

What followed was one of the greatest deflections in the history of deflections.

“I don’t have a response to that because we have to be careful about the Hatch Act,” Bates said.


The Hatch Act precludes Bates, or any Executive Branch official, from “from engaging in partisan political activity while on duty, in a federal facility or using federal property.”

How answering the question about whether or not the cocaine belonged to one of the Biden’s is a violation of that Act is unknown.

But Bates did go on in his answer to make it political and avoid the question.

“What I will say is that I have noticed there does seem to be some increasing frustration coming from that corner in general.  And I think it is probably rooted in the contrast between their substantive policy records,” he said.

“As you have all covered, there is a long list of areas where this administration succeeded for the middle class where our predecessor did not.  For example, infrastructure is no longer a punchline.  And now the biggest infrastructure investments in 70 years are rebuilding America,” he said, which is still not an answer to the question of who the cocaine belonged to.

“President Biden is bringing manufacturing jobs back at the fastest rate in modern history.  And like I mentioned, we have doubled the construction of manufacturing facilities in just two and a half years.  Whereas during the previous administration, it only grew at an anemic 2 percent,” Bates continued.

“Medicare is now negotiating lower drug costs.  I’m old enough to remember when that was someone else’s campaign promise,” the Deputy Press Secretary said.

“The economy we inherited was in freefall.  We turned it around by creating more jobs in two years than any other president in four,” he insisted before insinuating that former President Donald Trump could be jealous of President Biden.


“So it would be unsurprising if there’s a little bit of frustration on the part of people who worked in the last administration,” Bates said.

“And, of course, this dovetails with today’s announcement from Enphase.  It comes at a moment when we have crossed the threshold of $500 billion in private sector investment due to Bidenomics, which is about growing our economy by growing the middle class.  There is no better way to do that than giving people good jobs coming to America, thanks to policies like the Inflation Reduction Act,” he said.

Later, another reporter asked if the Secret Service would be transparent if it discovered who the criminal was.

“I understand the Secret Service is conducting an investigation.  If the Secret Service is able to determine the individual responsible, will the Secret Service and the — and — will the White House commit to transparency in this, in making that information public?” the reporter asked.

But Bates sounded a lot like White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in his response.

“I’m going to defer to the Secret Service professionals who are carrying this out.  I’m just not going to engage on hypotheticals about it.  I would — I would suggest you contact them for anything more,” he said.

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