Fetterman Flops Hard During Pennsylvania Senate Debate


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The Pennsylvania Senate debate was not kind to John Fetterman. In the Tuesday night matchup versus celebrity doc Mehmet Oz, Fetterman constantly got ‘brain freeze’ when trying to answer questions.

In his first line of the night, Fetterman struck an inauspicious note when he told everyone, “Hi. Good night, everybody.”

It got worse from there. In his response to the moderator about his flip-flop from being against fracking to supporting fracking, Fetterman flip-flopped in his response.


“I support fracking and I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking,” Fetterman blathered.

At one point in the debate, when Dr. Oz was trying to talk, Fetterman blurted out “Doug Mastriano!”

Then, Fetterman attacked Oz for his “10 gigantic mansions” in a convoluted attempt to defend raising the minimum wage.

“How can a man, you know, with with 10 gigantic mansion has am willing to talk about willing wage for anybody?” he said. “Imagine a signal mom trying with two children trying to raise with them.”

This is apparently something that Fetterman was hung up, as if voters care how many mansions Dr. Oz has. But Oz was able to flip this around on Fetterman.


“Fetterman didn’t pay for his own house. He got it for a dollar from his sister,”Oz said.

“He got his Pennsylvania house from his own in ladies for $1,” Fetterman retorted. “That’s typical.”

It’s unclear what Fetterman meant. But he continued on in this vein to press the argument for guaranteed employment.

“We all have to make sure that everyone that works is able to that’s the most American bargain that you work full time you should be able to live in dignity as well true,” Fetterman said.

When Fetterman was asked if there were any Biden policies that he disagreed with, he gave a seven to eight second pause and then finally said: “I just believe he needs to do more about supporting — and fighting about inflation. And I do believe he can do more about that choice.”

In his closing argument, Fetterman gave a bewildering answer that was both repetitive and insubstantial.

The reaction to Fetterman’s performance was withering in its criticism of Democrats for putting this candidate on the ballot.

“This is not funny. It is not something to make fun of,” said attorney Viva Frei. “It is genuinely upsetting. And if Fetterman gets elected, it will show the degree to which Democrat voters are prepared to exploit vulnerable humans for political purposes.”

“They should stop this PA senate debate,” said Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. “We’ve seen enough. Shame on the Dems for trying to hide this from voters. Now it’s just painful to watch.”

“John Fetterman can’t speak,” Clay Travis remarked about one clip. “This is disqualifying. Just watch.”

“This Fetterman/Oz debate is just excruciating to watch,” remarked Joanne Mason. “How one can watch this and come away with any respect for those around Fetterman – especially his wife, I don’t know. Have some mercy for this man, for the love of God.”

“Let’s be honest, Mrs. Fetterman can’t truly love her husband,” Twitter pundit LB argued. “Nothing in life is worth this.”

“For the love of God, let Dr. Oz operate on Fetterman and put this debate to an end,” remarked Comfortably Smug.

“Fetterman is lying – but not very well,” commented former NRCC and House spokesman Jack Pandol. “John Fetterman said he’s ‘always supported’ fracking — he previously said ‘I don’t’ and ‘never have.'”


It’s so bad that Fetterman in 2016 signed a pledge to ban fracking.

The performance was so bad that it changed some Fetterman’s minds about who they are going to vote for and caused others to hesitate about voting for Fetterman.

“I’m an independent, I was leaning towards Fetterman, but I have totally changed to the Oz side,” one voter said.

“I am a registered Democrat… I’m not 100% sure where I’m going on Election Day,” another added.

As Greg Price pointed out, sadly, Pennsylvania has allowed early voting for four weeks. It is one reason why U.S. states are meant to have Election Day and not election month.

The results of WPXI’s debate polling were devastating for Fetterman.

Dr. Oz defeated Fetterman in the debate by an astounding 82% to 18%.

Tucker Carlson Tonight put a capper on Fetterman’s disastrous performance.

“The Fetterman—Dr. Oz debate just ended ended. Holy smokes. Full blown 30-car Amtrak derailment for Fetterman,” he said.

“If that guy’s elected senator from the state of Pennsylvania, you’ll have real concerns about the system being legitimate,” Tucker added.

Amen. If Fetterman gets more votes than any Senate candidate in the history of Pennsylvania, it will be time for voters to start asking serious questions.

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