Jen Psaki Leaving White House This Spring For Job At MSNBC


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Press Secretary Jen Psaki is reportedly planning to leave the White House and is in talks to join MSNBC.

“Psaki has been in close consultation with the White House counsel’s office about her departure, according to two sources familiar with the plans. She’s been treading carefully on the ethics and legal aspects of her plans. No contracts have been signed. Government ethics rules have stipulations about how public employees can pursue private-sector job opportunities while in office,” Axios reported.

“She’s also told some senior officials at the White House about her departure and her plans to join MSNBC, according to two sources. Psaki has not yet formally told the White House press team about her departure, an administration source tells Axios,” the report added. “MSNBC has been working with its compliance lawyers to make sure their conversations didn’t violate any government regulations, according to a source close to the matter.”


Political spokespeople are often prime targets for cable networks.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who served under President Donald Trump, joined Fox News as a commentator last March.

When McEnany joined Fox News, she spoke about her relationship with Psaki and a note that she left for her.


“I wish her all the best. I left her a note saying that much, we’ve met previously, one time, and she was very kind,” McEnany said. “So were some of her colleagues in the press shop and I left her a note, I wish her the best.”

“I’ll never forget watching one of the early press briefings where she was asked about Antifa riots and I believe she said that she hadn’t spoken to the president about that,” she continued.

“They let her move on, whereas if I would have been asked that about violence on the other side of the aisle… that wouldn’t have been an answer that flew, nor should it have,” McEnany said, adding that some reporters in the briefing room acted like “political operatives.”

“I think the standards are different but the American people are so smart, so wise, they see the difference.”

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