Hedge Fund Billionaire, Top Democrat Donor Calls Biden ‘Embarrassing’ Says ‘He’s Done’


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Bill Ackman, a billionaire hedge fund manager who has donated to many Democrat candidates, has raised concerns about President Joe Biden saying that he is “done” and calling it an “embarrassment” that he will not step aside.

In speaking with podcast host Lex Friedman he expressed grave concerns about President Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

“Biden, I think he is done. I mean, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for the country to have him as a Presidential candidate, let alone the President of the country. It’s crazy and it’s just going to get worse,” he said.

“He should, you know, the worst of his legacy is his ego that prevents him from stepping aside. And that’s it. It’s his ego, and it is so wrong and so bad and so embarrassing. I was in Europe and London a few days ago and people were saying, ‘Bill, how can this guy be president?’


“Going back to my business analogy, being a CEO is like a full-contact sport. Being president of the United States is like some combination of wrestling, marathon running, and being a triathlete. I mean, you gotta be in serious physical shape and at the top of your game to represent this country, and he is a far cry from that, and it’s just getting worse, and it’s embarrassing,” he said.

“He can not be — and by the way, every day he waits, he is handing the election to Trump because it gets harder and harder for another candidate to surface.

“[Minnesota Democratic Rep.] Dean [Phillips] is the only candidate left on the Democratic side that can still win delegates. He’s on the ballot in 42 states. The best way for Biden to step aside is for Dean to show up in Michigan,” he said.

Ackman has previously donated to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Robert Menendez, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. But his assessment of President Biden was vicious.

“What has to happen is that — New Hampshire, he went from zero to 20% of the vote in ten weeks with no name recognition. I helped a little, Elon helped. We did a Twitter Spaces for him with 350,000 people. 40,000 live or something,” the hedge fund manager said.

“And then he was on the ground in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of the states where you don’t need to be registered to a party to vote for a candidate, so he got 20%. And that is with a lot of independents and Democrats voting for Haley.

“Haley, who I like and have supported does not look like she is going to make it. Trump is really sort of running the table, so a vote for Haley as an independent in Michigan may be throwing away your vote. I think that increases the likelihood that Dean [Phillips] could get those independent votes,” he said.

“If he, he could theoretically again, he needs, he needs money, he could beat Biden in Michigan. Biden’s doing very poorly in Michigan. His polls are terrible. The Muslim community is not happy with him and he really has spent no time there. And so if he’s embarrassed in Michigan, it could be a catalyst for him withdrawing, then Dean will get funding. If he wins Michigan or shows well in Michigan and people say he’s viable, he’s the only choice we have, he’ll attract from the center.


“He’ll attract from people — Republicans who won’t vote for Trump, which are a big percentage, they could be 60% or more. It could be that 70% won’t vote for Trump. And also from the Democrats,” he said.

“Think about it this way, when Biden’s at present now, you saw his recent impromptu press conference which he did after the special prosecutor, you know, report basically saying the guy was way past his prime, and then he confused the president of Mexico and the president of Egypt,” the hedge fund manager said.

“So they’re very careful when they roll him out, and he’s scripted and he’s always reading from a lectern. Imagine the care they have in exposing him and it, when they expose him it’s terrible.

“Imagine how bad it is for real. Bad, really bad for America.

“I’m upset with him and upset with his family. I’m upset with his wife. This is the time where the people closest to you have to put their arms around you and say, “’ou know, Dad, you know, honey, you’ve done your thing. This is going to be your legacy, and it’s not going to be a good one,’” he said.

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