Videos Showing Support From Black People For Trump Spread On The Internet


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The Democrat nightmare has been unfolding after the release of the mugshot of former President Donald Trump, as it appears many social media users of a key Democrat voting block are beginning to support him.

Videos posted by several black social media users, including some celebrities, has shown increasing support for the former president after his Fulton County, GA mugshot was released.

If this trend continues it could have devastating effects for President Joe Biden in 2024 as the Party has relied on the black vote for decades and even a 10 percent loss of that vote could mean Trump becomes president again.

“I don’t mean no harm and I don’t give a damn who this offends, but if that n***a Trump gets convicted of this crime and can still run for president, I’m voting for his a**,” a man in one video said.

”Trump is a brother now,” another black man said in a video on TikTok. “You go to jail in Zone 6, Atlanta, you a brother.

Antoine Tucker, a self-described former gangster turned believer in God, posted a video telling the deep state that they made a massive mistake.


“(Trump) just reached the point where the Hood just like f**k the Government Bring Back Trump so we can feed our families and not take our money to feed other ppl families,” he said in the caption of his video.

Another man, who did time in the Fulton County Jail, shared a video of his support for Trump.

“The hood is waking up,” he said. “And what I mean by that is the lower income blacks that the Democrat establishment has been holding on to, even they’re starting to see through the bullcrap.”

He spoke about how Atlanta has been destroyed by liberal leadership, and how black people were cheering for the former president’s caravan when it was on its way to be booked.

“The Democrat Party is Crumbling right before our eyes,” he said.

“”Nah my boy in dat b***h bangin on dem folks,” rapper Chief Keef hopped on his Instagram Story. “I know whatever deck he on he good in the hood for sure he finna run the prison. That boy finna be eating like a MF all da Blacks finna have my boy back.”

Rapper ‘Lil Pump,’ who has been a longtime supporter of the former president, posted a photo of his mugshot next to Trump’s and said “Free Trump.”

Suge Jacob Knight, the son of former Death Row producer Marion “Suge” Knight, posted to Instagram “Free my n***a Trump.”

In a recent New York Times / Sienna poll support from non-white voters who had not graduated from college for Biden was 16 points ahead of Trump. A massive dip from the 2020 presidential election that saw Biden take those voters by a 48 point margin.

Harrison Floyd, the only black man who was indicted in Fulton County with former President Donald Trump, is the only person who remains behind bars in the case.


Floyd appeared virtually in court on Friday and informed the judge that he could not afford an attorney which, he said, typically cost between $40,000 to $100,000 to have an attorney fly to Georgia, Reuters reported.

“I cannot afford an attorney for something like this,” he said to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Emily Richardson.

Reuters reported.

Richardson told Floyd that he could either hire a lawyer or represent himself.

It was not immediately clear why Floyd was told he could not be represented by a public defender. Generally, defendants must meet certain financial requirements to qualify.

For now, Floyd will remain in Fulton County Jail, which is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for violence and unsanitary conditions, as well as 15 inmate deaths last year. One of those was a man whose family says in a lawsuit was “eaten alive” by bedbugs.

Floyd had maintained that he was not a flight risk, but he was told that the issue of the bond would ultimately be decided by Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the case.

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