DeSantis Tells Fla. Republicans To Gird For Political Battle, As He’s ‘Only Begun to Fight’


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Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida fired up fellow Republicans during a speech over the weekend in which he laid out the importance of the 2022 midterms for his party.

Speaking at the Sunshine Summit’s Victory Dinner after a day of speeches and debates from Florida political leaders and other high-profile conservative figures, the rising GOP star urged fellow Republicans to join him in efforts to push back on the extreme Democrat left as he declared, “I’ve only begun to fight,” according to The Daily Wire.

In his speech, DeSantis ticked off a list of legislative victories he and the state’s Republican-led legislature managed over the past couple of years as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged states that chose — unlike Florida — to largely lock down and remain so for more than a year.

That included legislation empowering parents of school-aged children while pushing back on divisive critical race theory, radical gender ideology, the chaotic southwest border under President Joe Biden, inflation, and other issues, The Daily Wire reported.

Florida has managed to meet each of those issues head-on, DeSantis said, but he warned GOP leaders and politicians that leftist activists and their allies in the mainstream media continue seeking to “muddy the waters” and “create a blizzard of lies to blind all of from what’s actually going on.”


“In times like these, it’s not enough to just be right on the issues,” he said. “Because in times like these, there’s no substitute for courage. You got to have the courage of your convictions to be willing to stand up against the media.

“You got to have the courage to stand up against things like cancel culture. You got to have the courage to stand up to the woke mob. You got to have the courage to stand in the way of the Brandon administration,” DeSantis added.

Nevertheless, DeSantis sees good political fortunes ahead for Republicans.

“Even people that are not Republicans, and even people that have been voting for Democrats … they see, in their own life, the effect of Biden’s policies. And so they are dissatisfied. And so we have an opportunity to build a massive coalition here in the state of Florida, and I think it’s there for the taking.”

“But you got to be ready for battle,” he warned. “So put on the full armor of God.”

“We are just getting warmed up,” he told the crowd as it cheered, the Daily Wire noted. “I have only begun to fight. I’m standing my ground, walking the line all the way to the finish line, and I can tell you this: with your help, and everybody behind us, there is no doubt in my mind that come November, we are going to keep the state of Florida free.”

DeSantis himself is facing a reelection battle, though his Democratic challenger has yet to be named. But the governor has already spurred ‘Trump-like’ rallies.

Last month, a spontaneous boat parade in support of him broke out near St. Petersburg, according to Breitbart News:


Hundreds of boats passed along the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida, last weekend, decorated with patriotic flags. There were flags that read “DeSantis 2022,” “Daddy DeSantis,” “Don’t Tread on Florida,” and “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump.” One boat featured a woman waving with a cardboard cutout of the popular governor as she and others waved to the onlookers aboard the USS Orleck, which was docked along the river in downtown Jacksonville. At times, the speakers blared the song “Sweet Florida,” which praises DeSantis for championing freedom in the Sunshine State.

According to Duval GOP Chairman Dean Black, 1,300 boats participated in the event.

“With over 1,300 boats participating, the first-in-the-nation DeSantis Flotilla was a huge success!” he told Breitbart News.

“I’d like to thank those who came out to show their support for Gov. DeSantis and the volunteers who were crucial in making this event such a success. Floridians are united behind Gov. DeSantis and we look forward to his victory and the victory of Republicans up and down the ballot in November,” he added.

Christian Ziegler, the vice-chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, echoed those remarks, noting that Floridians are “excited to flood the polls in November to ensure that he is reelected.”

“As the Democrat Party’s chances continue to sink deeper in Florida, the Republican Party of Florida sailed full steam ahead with our DeSantis Flotilla in Jax,” he told Breitbart News.

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