Karine Jean-Pierre Gives Stunning Answer To Question About Biden’s Granddaughter


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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre does not have an enviable job and it keeps getting tougher.

On Wednesday the press secretary faced reporters and danced around why cocaine was found in the West Wing of the White House and who may be responsible for it, but that was not the worst part of the press briefing.

When it came to answering questions about the cocaine that was found, the press secretary kept saying close to the same answer to every reporter who asked.

“This is something that is under the purview of the Secret Service. They are the ones who handle this investigation, so it lives in their purview, in their world,” the press secretary said.

“I don’t have anything more to share when it comes to security… that is something that Secret Service handles,” she said.


She did say that the drugs were found in a “heavily traveled” area and insinuated that it was found in an area where tourists may have access.

“When it comes to visitors to the West Wing, they come for many reasons. Obviously, we do have West Wing tours that occur here on campus….They happened on Friday. They happened on Saturday and Sunday,” she said.

She would not confirm that the Secret Service would review security footage of the day.

“Let’s see exactly what occurred and what happened. They are going to get to the bottom of this…I’m not going to get ahead of any changes in protocol or anything like that,” she said.

But the worst part came when a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about Hunter Biden’s daughter, the president’s granddaughter.

“There was a story in the New York Times over the weekend about Hunter Biden’s daughter in Arkansas. Does the president acknowledge this little girl as his granddaughter?” a reporter said.

“I don’t have anything to share from here,” the press secretary said.

A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed on Wednesday that laboratory testing for the material discovered in the White House on Sunday was cocaine.

“Previous field testing showed a positive result for cocaine, but the substance was sent for further evaluation and testing, the Secret Service had said previously. The substance was found near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing, the person said. The location is where staff-led tours of the White House pass through on their way into the building,” CNN reported.


“The substance was found near where guests are asked to leave their cell phones before proceeding into the West Wing. Sources had previously described the substance as a white powder found in a small, zipped bag. It was found by Secret Service personnel conducting routine rounds of the building. The discovery of the substance on Sunday evening triggered a brief evacuation as part of what the Secret Service described as ‘precautionary closures,'” the outlet added.

President Joe Biden spent the weekend at Camp David and arrived back at the White House Tuesday morning. Officials are working to determine who brought cocaine into the building.

Tours of the West Wing frequently occur at night or on weekends and can be given by White House employees. Visitors must pass through security screening to get inside the White House and are then instructed to put their phones in tiny boxes before going into the West Wing. The cocaine was discovered next to these crates, according to officials.

“A spokesman for the Secret Service, Anthony Guglielmi, said previously that the D.C. fire department determined that the substance, which was found in a ‘work area of the West Wing,’ did not present a threat. A spokesman for the Secret Service, Anthony Guglielmi, said previously that the D.C. fire department had determined that the substance, which was found in a “work area of the West Wing,” did not present a threat,” the Washington Post reported.

The U.S. Secret Service found an “unknown item” late on Sunday, which led to the evacuation of the White House grounds.

Secret Service units blocked off roads around the President’s official residence, while a DC Fire Department hazmat team was dispatched to the location to investigate. All road closures have now been lifted, the spokesperson confirmed.

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