Only Black Man Indicted With Trump In Georgia Is Only Person Still Behind Bars


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Harrison Floyd, the only black man who was indicted in Fulton County with former President Donald Trump, is the only person who remains behind bars in the case.

Floyd appeared virtually in court on Friday and informed the judge that he could not afford an attorney which, he said, typically cost between $40,000 to $100,000 to have an attorney fly to Georgia, Reuters reported.

“I cannot afford an attorney for something like this,” he said to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Emily Richardson.

Reuters reported.

Richardson told Floyd that he could either hire a lawyer or represent himself.


It was not immediately clear why Floyd was told he could not be represented by a public defender. Generally, defendants must meet certain financial requirements to qualify.

For now, Floyd will remain in Fulton County Jail, which is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for violence and unsanitary conditions, as well as 15 inmate deaths last year. One of those was a man whose family says in a lawsuit was “eaten alive” by bedbugs.

Floyd had maintained that he was not a flight risk, but he was told that the issue of the bond would ultimately be decided by Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the case.

Many on X, formerly known as Twitter, were furious that he was the only person who remained behind bars.

“Why is Harrison Floyd still in Fulton Co. jail? Why did Fani Willis leave a black man in jail over this? He needs to be released immediately,” Rep. Byron Donalds said with a link to Floyd’s legal defense fund.

“Harrison Floyd is sitting in Fulton County jail, bc he’s Black and he supports Trump, Period,” another X user said.

“Harrison Floyd needs our help in Georgia. He was in charge of Black Voices for Trump in 2020. The judge denied his bail and his right to a public defender, citing that he does not qualify for one. He cannot afford a federal attorney. This is what a banana republic looks like,” Ryan Fournier said.

“Harrison Floyd, the former Executive Director of Black Voices for Trump, is the only co-defendant in the Trump indictment that was denied bond. Where is #BLM?” CJ Pearson said.


“While Dems push ‘cash bail’ for hardened criminals, Harrison Floyd sits in a jail cell with no bond. I guess, the laws of equity don’t apply to Black, Trump supporters,” Burgess Owens said.

A Fulton County, Georgia judge has made a decision in the case of one of the defendants associated with the same RICO case that former President Donald Trump is a part of.

Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee issued an Oct. 23 trial date for one of the defendants, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The outlet noted: “In a day of fast-moving developments, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis proposed the new, aggressive start date for the 41-count racketeering trial in response to Kenneth Chesebro’s motion seeking a speedy trial. Judge Scott McAfee weighed in a few hours later, setting the trial date Willis wanted but ruling it would apply only to Chesebro, a Trump-affiliated attorney who was indicted for his work helping assemble a slate of “alternate” Republican electors in Georgia. McAfee scheduled Chesebro’s arraignment for Sept. 6, ordered most pretrial motions to be filed by Sept. 27, and scheduled a pretrial conference for Sept. 29.”

“Due to the defendant’s timely demand for speedy trial … scheduling will occur on an expedited timeline,” McAfee wrote. “At this time, these deadlines do not apply to any co-defendant.”

One of Chesebro’s attorneys, Scott Grubman, said Thursday that his client “will be prepared to move forward with trial on whatever date the court ultimately sets,” according to the AJC.

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