Liz Cheney Opposes Live Broadcasting of Trump’s Jan. 6 Testimony


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Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is being criticized for appearing to rule out allowing former President Donald Trump to testify publicly before the Jan. 6 Committee, which she co-chairs.

In an interview on Sunday with “Meet the Press,” Cheney told host Chuck Todd that Trump would not be permitted to turn his testimony and the hearings in general into “a circus.”

“The committee treats this matter with great seriousness,” Cheney, who was blown out in her August GOP primary by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, told Todd. “And we are going to proceed in terms of questioning the former president under oath.

“It may take multiple days, and it will be done with a level of rigor and discipline, and seriousness that it deserves. We are not going to allow the former president … He’s not going to turn this into a circus. This isn’t going to be, you know, his first debate against Joe Biden and the circus and the food fight that became. This is a far too serious set of issues,” Cheney said.



Her comments come as the committee voted unanimously last week to subpoena Trump.

Some took Cheney’s remarks to mean that the committee just doesn’t want the public to hear the former president’s answers regarding his activities on the day of the January 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

The Western Journal noted:

They also know just how flimsy the whole case is for their grandiosely named Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. They know that the game has been rigged from the beginning when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s selections for the committee and appointed Cheney and fellow turncoat Adam Kinzinger as “Republican” representatives.

They know that the committee has no substantive cross-examination, no adversarial system aimed at bringing out the truth. They know the whole thing is a sham, a showboat of a process that literally brought on a high-powered producer from the entertainment world of television to make its product more palatable to the American people.

And they know that a scenery-chewing performance by Donald Trump — himself a former reality television star — would not only be meeting them on their own terms, but he would also be doing it with the arguments at his back.

Cheney tore into her own party following her big loss to Hageman.

“I think what we have seen, not just in Wyoming but across the country, is that Donald Trump has betrayed Republican voters. He’s lied to them. Those who support him have lied to them. And they’re using people’s patriotism against them. They’re preying on people’s patriotism,” she said.

“This is a great, a special, exceptional nation, and we need leaders who have reverence to our Constitution, are faithful to our Constitution, and will do what’s required to abide by our oath no matter whether it’s politically convenient. Kevin McCarthy does not fit that bill,” she said.


“It was clear how that path would go. But that path would have required that I accept, that I embrace, that I perpetuate the big lie,” she told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie a day after her loss. “I think that is a red line. I don’t think anybody should be supporting those people. Republicans shouldn’t be supporting them.”

“I think the Republican party today is in very bad shape, and I think that we have a tremendous amount of work to do,” she said, as she argued that the GOP has “embraced Donald Trump, embraced his cult of personality, is looking the other way as he continues to do things like put out the names of FBI agents.”

She then defended the FBI and its raid on former President Trump’s house earlier in August.

“Just in the last few days, when he knows that our law enforcement is the target of violence, put out the lies that he has put out in the last few days about what happened in the search warrant execution at Mar-a-Lago,” the representative said. “Every Republican, every American should reject those. And I certainly know there are millions of Republicans and Americans across this country who will.”

She was asked point blank if she intended to campaign for president.

“That’s a decision I’m going to make in the coming months,” she said. “It is something I’m thinking about and I’ll make a decision in the coming months.”

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