Judge Allows Lawsuit Challenging GOP Rep. Greene’s Re-Election Bid


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Then lawsuit that seeks to prevent Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from being elected again has been allowed to proceed.

On Monday a federal judge ruled that the lawsuit brought by Free Speech for People against the representative can proceed, The Washington Post reported.

The group has argued that the 14th Amendment prohibits the representative from being elected again.

The provision in the Amendment says that o one can serve in Congress “who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same.”

Greene filed a lawsuit earlier this month requesting that a judge block Georgia officials from enforcing the state law being used by Free Speech for People in its challenge, arguing that it is unconstitutional. Greene also “vigorously denies that she aided and engaged in insurrection to obstruct the peaceful transfer of presidential power,” her lawsuit says.


Judge Amy Totenberg, who was appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia by President Barack Obama, denied Greene’s request for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order in a 73-page ruling, saying that the lawmaker did not meet the “burden of persuasion.”

“This case involves a whirlpool of colliding constitutional interests of public import,” the judge said. “The novelty of the factual and historical posture of this case — especially when assessed in the context of a preliminary injunction motion reviewed on a fast track — has made resolution of the complex legal issues at stake here particularly demanding.”

When she appeared on Fox News on Monday night she said she was disappointed with the judge’s decision and said that Republicans could retaliate against Democrats.

“The Republican Party needs to fight harder,” she said. “If you can challenge any representative’s candidacy or elected officeholder, I bet we could round up some Republican voters who did not like Kamala Harris funding rioters — criminal rioters — out of jail or [Representatives] Ilhan Omar or Cori Bush or Maxine Waters in inciting riots.”

“I think there’s another way to play this game,” she said.

“I have to go to court on Friday and actually be questioned about something I’ve never been charged with and something I was completely against,” the representative said.

Free Speech for People legal director Ron Fein said that he wants to question the representative under oath.

“It’s rare for any conspirator, let alone a Member of Congress, to publicly admit that the goals of their actions are preventing a peaceful transfer of power and the death of the president-elect and Speaker of the House, but that’s exactly what Marjorie Taylor Greene did,” he said. “The Constitution disqualifies from public office any elected officials who aided the insurrection, and we look forward to asking Representative Greene about her involvement under oath.”


In February, Republican North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn said Democrats’ attempts to stop him from campaigning to keep his spot in Congress are “very close” to succeeding.

The representative appeared on Fox News on Monday and talked to host Tucker Carlson about what he said they are doing, MSN reported.

“I’m sure that you were as puzzled as I was following Jan. 6 when they started saying that we were insurrectionists, seditionists, traitors. I thought they were just trying to get a flashy headline,” the representative said to Carlson.

“What is going on here is that they are actually very close to being able to subvert the will of over 700,000 Americans,” he said, a reference to the approximate of any given congressional district.

“And make no mistake, Tucker: This is not just about a 26-year-old from western North Carolina in a wheelchair. This is about the future of our very nation. If they’re able to set this precedent in North Carolina, they will be able to keep anybody who had valid and legitimate concerns about what happened in the 2020 election from being able to ever hold office,” he said.

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