Fox Host Says Biden’s ‘Massive Miscalculation’ Will Cost Him Presidency


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President Joe Biden has made a “massive miscalculation” about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and will cost him his presidency, Fox News anchor Jessee Watters believes.

The Fox News personality believes that it was the president’s unwillingness to debate, along with not providing RFK Jr. Secret Service protection after the history of assassinations in his family, that drove the lifelong Democrat to decide to campaign for the presidency as an Independent.

And Watters believes that RFK Jr. can draw enough votes from President Biden that it would hand the presidency to the likely Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump.

“Kennedy’s independent run will devastate Biden’s shot at re-election,” the host said on his Fox News show on Friday. “Kennedy is polling at 15% with Democrats. If Biden’s the nominee, 15% of American Democrats will have Kennedy as an option. Melon-scooping a critical piece of the base away from Joe.”

“A massive miscalculation by President Biden, who was supposed to have a seasoned touch, denying Secret Service protection to a man whose father and uncle were assassinated,” he said.

“Refusing to debate and rigging the primary will now likely cost him the White House. Yes, some Trump-leaning voters may cast ballots for Kennedy, but if you’re a Republican and you see Trump, Biden, and the name Kennedy in the booth, you’re voting Trump,” he said.


RFK Jr. apparently decided to switch parties to become an Independent and campaign for president as such, Mediaite reported.

Kennedy plans to make the official announcement on October 9 in Pennsylvania in what could disrupt President Biden’s chances at retaining the presidency.

“Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy so an independent run is the only way to go,” an insider for the Kennedy campaign said to Mediaite.

“Democrats worry that a third-party run by Mr. Kennedy could draw votes away from Mr. Biden and help elect former President Donald J. Trump,” The New York Times reported.

Month ago former President Donald Trump was speaking to Newsmax host Rob Schmitt on the phone when the host mentioned him possibly choosing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his vice president.

“I don’t know, but he’s got great support in the party. He’s got great support in the Democrat Party,” the former president said.

Trump said that he has seen Kennedy polling as high as 23 percent against President Joe Biden.

“That’s a lot of vote,” the former president said.

“A lot of people like you and him as a combination, too,” the host said. “I don’t think that can happen, but have you ever thought about that?”

“Trump/Kennedy looks good on a bumper sticker,” he said.

“No, but people have suggested it. I read the same things that you do,” the former president said.

“There are a lot of people suggesting it, there’s no question about that,” he said. “I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned. I really believe he’s very well-intentioned.”


Even if Democrat debates were held it is unlikely that Kennedy, who trails the president significantly in the polls, could wrest the nomination from President Biden.

But polls suggest that a significant portion of Democrats want someone other than the current president as the Democrat nominee, but the question remains will that portion actually cast a vote for Kennedy and will it be enough in states that Biden was victorious in, in 2020, by razor thin margins, to actually hand the presidency to former President Trump.

President Joe Biden is too old to serve in the White House effectively, according to more than 75% of Americans in a brand new poll.

A survey from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs found that Americans were more likely to say that Biden’s age would be a concern than former President Trump, who is only a few years younger than the president.

A whopping 89 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of Democrats agreed with the poll’s findings that Biden is too old to serve as president for another four years, according to The Hill.

The AP made the point that Biden’s age is not just viewed negatively by older people. However, about 50% of Americans thought Trump was too old to serve as president. Democrats were more likely than Republicans to think that Trump’s advanced age made him unfit for office.

Polls show that Democrats, Republicans, and independents all support setting age limits for the presidency, the Supreme Court, and Congress.

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