Trump Backed Candidate Wrestles Governorship Away From Democrats


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Former President Donald Trump is celebrating after a candidate he endorsed for governor of Louisiana defeated a crowded field to become the next governor of the state.

With 8 candidates vying for the job it was expected that there would be a runoff election, but Republican candidate Jeff Landry gained 51 percent of the vote and, in doing so, took the state from Democrat leadership to Republican as Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards, could not seek re-election because of term limits, The Associated Press reported.

“Today’s election says that our state is united,” the Republican said. “It’s a wake-up call, and it’s a message that everyone should hear loud and clear, that we, the people in this state, are going to expect more out of our government from here on out.”

A runoff election was expected because of a crowded field of candidates, but Landry was able to avoid that by getting more than half of the votes, stunning election watchers.


“The last time there wasn’t a gubernatorial runoff in Louisiana was in 2011 and 2007, when Bobby Jindal, a Republican, won the state’s top position,” The Associated Press said.

Former President Trump celebrated the news of the victory on his TruthSocial account.

“A very BIG VOTE in the GREAT STATE OF LOUISIANA for A.G. Jeff Landry, who will now become the Governor. Despite many people running, Jeff was easily able to get a majority, meaning that there will be NO RUNOFF. This is an amazing victory for a man who will be a truly GREAT GOVERNOR. Congratulations to all! DONALD J. TRUMP,” the former president said on Truth Social.

“The last time there wasn’t a gubernatorial runoff in Louisiana was in 2011 and 2007, when Bobby Jindal, a Republican, won the state’s top position,” The Associated Press said.

“Landry, 52, has raised the profile of attorney general since taking office in 2016. He has used his office to champion conservative policy positions. More recently, Landry has been in the spotlight over his involvement and staunch support of Louisiana laws that have drawn much debate, including banning gender-affirming medical care for transgender youths, the state’s near-total abortion ban that doesn’t have exceptions for cases of rape and incest, and a law restricting youths’ access to “sexually explicit material” in libraries, which opponents fear will target LGBTQ+ books,” the report said.

“Landry has repeatedly clashed with Edwards over matters in the state, including LGBTQ rights, state finances and the death penalty. However the Republican has also repeatedly put Louisiana in national fights, including over President Joe Biden’s policies that limit oil and gas production and COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” it said.

President Joe Biden has made a “massive miscalculation” about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and will cost him his presidency, Fox News anchor Jessee Watters believes.


The Fox News personality believes that it was the president’s unwillingness to debate, along with not providing RFK Jr. Secret Service protection after the history of assassinations in his family, that drove the lifelong Democrat to decide to campaign for the presidency as an Independent.

And Watters believes that RFK Jr. can draw enough votes from President Biden that it would hand the presidency to the likely Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump.

“Kennedy’s independent run will devastate Biden’s shot at re-election,” the host said on his Fox News show on Friday. “Kennedy is polling at 15% with Democrats. If Biden’s the nominee, 15% of American Democrats will have Kennedy as an option. Melon-scooping a critical piece of the base away from Joe.”

“A massive miscalculation by President Biden, who was supposed to have a seasoned touch, denying Secret Service protection to a man whose father and uncle were assassinated,” he said.

“Refusing to debate and rigging the primary will now likely cost him the White House. Yes, some Trump-leaning voters may cast ballots for Kennedy, but if you’re a Republican and you see Trump, Biden, and the name Kennedy in the booth, you’re voting Trump,” he said.

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