Bill Clinton Has Stunning Response After Being Asked About Epstein


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Former President Bill Clinton had a stark response when he was confronted about a touchy topic.

It happened on Monday when Real America’s Voice journalist Juan Diaz confronted the 42nd President of the United States and asked about his alleged ties to late financier and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the former president was caught off guard.

“Mr. Clinton, any comments on the alleged — allegation of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?” the reporter said.

The former president smiled his trademark smile and laughed uncomfortably as he said “I think the evidence is [inaudible],” and continued greeting supporters.

It is important to remember that many powerful people, including former President Donald Trump, have been connected to Epstein and there is no evidence that any of these people engaged in any impropriety.

In October the former right-hand woman to the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, may be getting set to talk and that could mean a world of issues for some famous people.


“Bill Clinton should be sweating bullets,” reporter Kari Donavan said.

“It has long been suspected by court watchers that a notorious list of clientele for Epstein, allegedly including Clinton, would eventually emerge, and they may be right, according to investigators and lawyers who have followed the complex case.

“The shocking warning came out of a new documentary that investigated the role of Britain’s Prince Andrew and his close ties as a client of  Epstein’s, when the comments were made that there could be further revelations about other clients of Epstein’s because his madame-  Ghislaine Maxwell – who was recently convicted for crimes associated with Epstein has until June 2023 to cooperate with prosecutors, in possibly overturning more names,” she said.

In a new documentary, “Prince Andrew Banished,’ Florida-based attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represents some of Epstein’s victims, said that Maxwell has until 2023 to cooperate with authorities to get her free from jail quicker.

Radar Online reported:

Kuvin told viewers in a new documentary that convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell still has the chance to come forward with new revelations in a possible effort to reduce her 20-year sentence.

Last December, Maxwell was convicted of five federal charges for recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused by Epstein.

She found out her prison fate in June and now has until 2023 to further cooperate with prosecutors, noted Kuvin, adding that Maxwell said she intends to appeal her sentence.

“She is really the person who holds all the secrets,” he said in the documentary that is airing on Peacock. “This isn’t the end of the story.”

Maxwell, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence, has been moved to a low-security prison in Tallahassee, Florida, the Daily Mail first reported.

Maxwell will be eligible for release on July 17, 2037.

“The disgraced socialite has been moved to FCI Tallahassee, a low-security prison in the Sunshine State, near where she committed her crimes. The choice of prison by the BOP is against the recommendation of Judge Alison Nathan, who oversaw Maxwell’s trial for recruiting and trafficking underage girls for the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Judge Nathan asked the BOP – following a request from Maxwell’s lawyers – to send her to FCI Danbury in Connecticut,” the Daily Mail reported.


“However, the BOP has ultimate authority and decided against sending Maxwell there. Despite this Maxwell, 60, will likely welcome the news as she has complained bitterly about her treatment at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where she has been held since her arrest in July 2020,” the outlet added.

The Daily Mail has more:

According to the prison handbook, Maxwell will be woken up at 6 am every day and be issued an inmate identification card that she must wear at all times.

Each period of the day is announced over the tannoy and includes exercise sessions and work periods. Staff may search inmates’ cells at any time for contraband or stolen property and each prison shares a cell with one other person.

The prison handbook says that the only approved uniform is: khaki pants, khaki shirt, underwear, bra, socks, and authorized shoes. A khaki dress is also permitted. Maxwell will be allowed to wear a plain wedding band, however, her marriage to former tech entrepreneur Scott Borgerson is over and they are thought to be in the process of divorcing.

Late last month, U.S. Circuit Judge Alison Nathan sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking.

“The guideline range applicable is 188 to 235 months imprisonment,” Judge Nathan said.

Maxwell’s behavior was “heinous and predatory,” Nathan says, noting that she worked with Epstein to select “young victims who were vulnerable.”

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