‘Disaster On The World Stage’ As Foreign Leaders Decline Biden’s Invitation To Summit


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It appears that President Joe Biden is being snubbed by some world leaders in what would be humiliating, some experts have said.

Apparently many world leaders are planning on not attending the Summit of the Americans, and some believe that is because they do not take President Joe Biden seriously.

“Disaster on the world stage for @JoeBiden – Saudi Arabia, Israel and now Mexico all snub Biden within the last 24 hours alone. They all see what we see,” former acting Director of National Intelligence and former ambassador to German, Richard Grenell said.

Politico reported that expectations are low for President Biden at the summit, which is kind of the same way many Americans feel about his presidency.


“Expectations are low that Biden will deliver, and the run-up to the summit has been beset by talk of it being a poorly organized, under-resourced effort by the Biden administration,” the outlet said.

“Biden has no serious trade deals to offer — the one thing some Latin American states want above all. Migration remains an unresolved sore point. And U.S. domestic politics are shaping Biden’s approach to the region: Avoiding fury in Florida is one reason Biden has refused to invite the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, prompting talks of a boycott by other heads of state,” it said.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is one of the people who has chosen not to attend, to the delight of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Happy to see that the Mexican President who has turned entire sections of his country over to drug cartels and is an apologist for a tyranny in Cuba, a murderous dictator in Nicaragua and a narco-trafficker in Venezuela won’t be in America this week,” he said.

The White House downplayed the lack of attendance by Mexico and other nations to the summit.

“So, given the people who are not going to the Summit — the President of Mexico; President of Honduras, who the Vice President recently spoke directly to — what does it say about the strength of the U.S. influence in the region if these people are deciding they don’t want to go?” a reporter said to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Let me just speak to the President of Mexico very quickly, because I have something in there for you.,” she responded.


“We have had candid engagement with President López Obrador, as well with other regional partners, for more than a month regarding the issue of invitations to the summit.

“It is important to acknowledge that there are a range of views on this question in our hemisphere, as there are in the United States.  The President’s principal position is that we do not believe that dictators should be invited, which is the reason that he has — the president has decided not to attend.,” she said.

“We look forward to hosting Foreign Secretary Ebrard as the Mexican representative.  And we welcome Mexico’s significant contribution to the summit — to the — to the major summit deliverables.

“President Biden and First Lady — and the First Lady look forward to welcoming President Obrador and Fir- — and the First Lady of Mexico to Washington in July for a bilateral visit.  At that meeting, President Biden and President Obrador will have the opportunity to carry the work forward for the summit,” the press secretary said.

“To your second — to your other — to your actual question — I just wanted to make sure I dealt with Mexico because we had a little announcement there: The U.S. remains the most powerful force in driving hemis- — hemispheric actions to address core challenges facing the people of the Americas –inequality, health, climate and food security.  And so, the President continues to be a leader in the hemisphere,” she said.

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