Harris Could Be Axed As Vice President, New Report Says


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President Joe Biden and the Democrats have a serious issue facing them as they head into the next presidential election, and her name is Vice President Kamala Harris.

The vice president recently broke a record she did not want to break, being ranked as the person with the lowest approval rating in the history of the NBC poll.

And when you think about some of the vice presidents this nation has had since poling began that is a startling accomplishment.


And the White House and Democrats can attempt to blame race all they want but when you look at how high former President Obama’s approval ratings were that case fails.

And if they want to say it is a matter of he being black and a woman that argument fails when you realize that the highest ranked Democrat in popularity is former first lady Michelle Obama.

Tom Rogers, the Editor-At-Large of Newsweek, penned an opinion piece last week in which he said that it was not President Joe Biden who needs to be replaced on the 2024 ticket, but Harris.

“These disastrous polls have some arguing for ditching President Biden and mounting a serious alternative candidate. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s name has been floated in this context. But this would be a mistake. The Democrats shouldn’t replace President Biden; they should replace Vice President Kamala Harris, who is even more unpopular, and who would replace President Biden in the event of an unfortunate circumstance related to his age and capabilities,” he said.

“Biden’s underwater polling reflects the perception among many that Biden is simply too old, even for hard core Biden supporters. The President will be in his mid-80s throughout his second term. The perception that he will not be mentally fit enough to carry out the demands of the job may be unfair, but that perception is clearly held by a majority of voters, including Democrats and Independents,” he said.

He said that the fact that Biden is the oldest president in history has many people believing a vote foir President Biden is, in essence, a vote for Harris because many people believe the president will not be able to serve an entire term.


But he did have an idea for a job that Harris could be given, that she is actually qualified for.

“Replacing Kamala Harris has to be done in a sensitive manner. The President must be careful not to alienate Harris supporters. To that end, he should make sure to replace her with a Black running mate, and he should announce her appointment as Attorney General of the U.S., an extremely prestigious position with even more power at which she can excel. Having been both a district attorney, and attorney general of the most populous state, she is not only unquestionably qualified for the role, but on the many issues related to voting rights and abortion which she has taken the lead on, the AG role would provide a position of ultimate authority from which she could most affect those issues. Against the backdrop of current AG Merrick Garland’s cautious approach to the job, becoming Attorney General would give the Vice President a way to be perceived as assertive and muscular and a real agent of change—attributes the Vice Presidency has not afforded her. In so doing, the nation gets the best of her experience, and she gets a substantially improved perception of her political future,” he said.

But that could lead to a terrifying prospect, the website 1945 said.

“Given her poll numbers, Harris likely knows the only way she could move into the Oval Office is if Biden needs to step down (or worse). If he does make it through a second term, her political career would likely be over. However, as AG she could have more actual power in the administration and possibly move on to bigger things, possibly following in the footsteps of those former AGs – including William Henry Moody, Joseph McKenna, and most recently Tom C. Clark – who were all appointed to the Supreme Court,” it said.

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