Donald Trump Gives America a ‘Big Announcement’ at Election Rally — But It Wasn’t What Everybody Thought


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Former President Donald Trump has given a date for a ‘big announcement,’ which many expect will be his official declaration that he will be running for presidential re-election in 2024.

Trump made the provocative statement at his Ohio rally on Monday night, one night before the 2022 midterm elections.

“Specifically, including the election of all the people that I’m going to name, I’m going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump said.

Trump appearing to address the rumor that he was going to announce his 2024 run on midterm elections eve.


“We want nothing to detract from the importance of tomorrow,” he said. “You understand that, J.D. [Vance]?”

Then, Trump railed off a list of GOP candidates that he was endorsing for the win in 2022. Watch:

“So we must first elect J.D. Vance for the Senate in Ohio,” he said. “Mike DeWine for governor in Ohio, Dr. Oz for Senate in Pennsylvania. Doug Mastriano for governor in Pennsylvania. Blake Masters for Senate in Arizona. Kari Lake for governor in Arizona. A great guy who I’ve known for a long time, hHe fought with Jim Jordan and all the rest on the fake impeachments: Lee Zeldin for governor in New York. He’s doing great.”

“One of the greatest athletes you’ll ever meet — Herschel Walker for Senate in Georgia,” he went on. “And Brian Kemp for governor in Georgia. Adam Laxalt for Senate in Nevada. And Joe Lombardo for governor in Nevada. Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida. And Ron DeSantis for governor in Florida.” There were many others that Trump said that he was supporting.

The crowd burst out in applause when he announced Ron DeSantis’s name. There had been discussion earlier in the week that Trump’s shot at ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ at a rally was in retaliation for Paul Ryan and McCarthy targeting him in preference to Trump during a potential 2024 run.

But the Florida governor on Friday denied there were any tensions with Trump.

“I think this is what the media does,” DeSantis replied. “You cannot fall for the bait. You know what they’re trying to do, so just don’t take it. Just keep on keeping on. We need everybody united for a big red wave in 2022. We’ve gotta fight the left, and not only fight, but beat the left. And that’s what we’re doing in Florida.”

So, that settles that.


Donald Trump’s statement that America can expect a ‘big announcement’ on November 15 is being explained by many as Trump masterfully trolling the media.

“Pretty sure Trump trolled everyone and they all took the bait,” Florida’s Voice editor Brendon Leslie said. “Expect that official campaign announcement November 15th.”

“How much do you want to bet this Trump announcement thing is a massive troll,” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec wrote.

“I’m betting it doesn’t happen tonight. COULD TOTALLY BE WRONG LOL,” Graham Allen replied.

It turned out that these pundits were right: Donald Trump is going to let these candidates have their time in the spotlight and isn’t going to suck all the oxygen out of the room with a 2024 run on midterm elections eve.

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