Fox News Guests Get Heated During Tense Segment On Israel – Hamas Conflict


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The set of the Fox News show “Hannity” devolved into a chaotic scene as tempers got hot over the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The interview featured independent presidential candidate Cornell West and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

Host Sean Hannity started the interview by taking West to task on some recent comments he made regarding the conflict.

“You always call me Brother Sean, I call you Brother Cornel. I’m not that happy with you tonight,” the host said before mentioning an interview where West said, “Palestinians have a right to defend themselves in the same way that Israel has a right to defend itself. There’s no doubt about that. But neither has a right to kill innocent people.”


West was quick to defend his comments.

“545 Palestinian children died in August 2004, not one American said a word. I believe a Palestinian baby has the same value as an Israeli baby, so when you have that kind of vicious hatred and revenge, you get a response of hatred and revenge. They are all wrong, they are all war crimes, they are all to be condemned, but you cannot simply look at this particular moment without the larger backdrop of an ugly occupation and the ugly attacks chronically against Palestinians,” he said.

That brought the ire of Dershowitz who, himself, is Jewish and a staunch supporter of Israel.

“Hamas is the ones responsible for the killing of Palestinian children. Also, Hamas has a term, it’s called the CNN strategy, and the CNN strategy is induce Israel into killing Palestinian children by using them as human shields, then parade the bodies out on CNN and you’ll see what happens. People like Cornel West will engage in crocodile tears, blame it on Israel, when the entire blame is on the Palestinians, Hamas for using their children, their children, as human shields,” he said.

“Don’t accuse me of crocodile tears, my brother. I have the same outrage when Palestinian babies are killed when Jewish babies or Israeli babies— I want you to have the same indignation when Palestinians are killed,” West hit back.

“It shouldn’t be the same outrage,” the law professor said. “You can’t make a moral comparison. When Nazi kids were killed in the bombings of Dresden, I didn’t have the same comparison when Jewish kids were put in gas chambers and crematoriums. You’re a professor of theology! Don’t you understand the moral difference between deliberately murdering a kid and having collateral damage because they’re human shields?”

“Anybody who commits war crimes are barbaric. I’m saying that explicitly, but I want you to say if the Israeli Defense Forces are killing children, are they barbaric too?” West said.

“No, no, no no, no!” Dershowitz said. “Never in the history have they ever targeted a child deliberately.”


“Oh brother, you got to get off the crack pipe, man. Please!” West said.

President Joe Biden’s administration announced on Tuesday there were no plans to claw back and re-freeze $6 billion in Iranian assets after Tehran-backed Hamas launched the deadliest attack against the country of Israel in decades.

In an interview with Fox News, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said there are no plans to re-freeze those assets, which were released about a month ago.

“The $6 billion, that the Qataris are holding that was unfrozen in order to get three hostages back.” Fox News’ Martha MacCallum said, asking: “Is that money now going to be refrozen?”

“I don’t want to get ahead of the policy decisions going forward here,” Kirby replied. “As I said last time, you and I talked about this, that money can be refrozen… We won’t hesitate to make that decision if we feel we need to. But I’m not going to get ahead of a policy decision that hasn’t been made yet.”

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