Comer Says Some Whistleblowers Are Missing, ‘They Fear For Their Lives’


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Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer dropped a bombshell about the whistleblowers he said have evidence of President Joe Biden’s corruption.

He spoke with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday show “Sunday Morning Futures” when he made the stunning revelation that some of the whistleblowers are missing.

Comer and Bartiromo were talking about the Biden family business dealings in China when he made the sudden claim about the missing whistleblowers.


“Now we find out his family received millions and millions of dollars from the Chinese communist party. It sure looks fishy to me,” he said.

“Well, I have been told it’s 600-800 billion that corporations in America lose because of this, this theft of intellectual property by the Chinese communist party. So you’re right, corporate America has been outraged by the theft of intellectual property. I want to get to something even more important potentially here, and that is this cover-up. You have spoken with whistleblowers, you have spoken — you also spoke with an informant who gave you all of this information. Where is that informant today? Where are these whistleblowers?” the host said.

“Well, unfortunately, we can’t track down the informant. We’re hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant, the whistleblower is very credible. And all we’re asking the FBI with respect to the form 1023 is what did you do to investigate this allegation? And they sent us back a very patronizing letter basically saying just trust us and don’t worry about it. I mean, this is a pattern of behavior by the FBI that would suggest there’s been a cover-up for many years with respect to the Biden influence peddling. And the media will try to defend Biden and say, well, influence peddling is a cottage industry in the United States. Well, first of all, it shouldn’t be and, secondly, no president has ever been accused of the things that the Biden family’s been accused of at a time when we have a country like China that’s a huge threat to our national security not just as I mentioned earlier, stealing all of our research and development and intellectual property, they’re also building up their military. They’ve got a cyber attack unit that’s superior to anything that we can defend against in the United States, and they continue to buy industries all around the world that put America at risk,” he said before an incredulous Bartiromo asked him the pertinent question.

“Hold on a second, congressman. Did you just say that the whistleblower — or the informant is now missing?” she said.

“Well, we, we’re hopeful that we can find the informant. Now remember, these informants are kind of in the spy business, so they don’t make a habit of being seen a lot or being high profile or anything like that. We have basic information with respect to what the informant has alleged, and it’s very serious. It alleges that Joe Biden, when he was vice president, was involved in a quid pro quo with a foreign country in exchange for foreign aid. This is a very serious accusation. All the FBI has to do is say, ‘yeah, we looked into it, and it wasn’t a credible informant,’”


“Are there whistleblowers or informants missing right now?” the host said.

“Well, we investigated and the people we tracked down going back to the CDFC, the two main players in that business as well as all the Americans that were involved in the different Biden influence peddling schemes as well as the Serbian national. Nine of ten people that we’ve identified, they we very good knowledge with respect to the Bidens, they’re one of three things. They’re either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing,” he said.

“So it’s of the utmost importance that the FBI work with us to be able to try to identify what research they’ve done, what investigations they’ve done. Because we have people that want to come forward but honestly, Maria, they fear for their lives,” he said.

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