Former Trump Official Sounds Ominous Warning About People Dying In Current Political Climate


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A former official in the administration of former President Donald Trump has sounded the alarm and warned that “people are going to die.”

Former Department Of Homeland Security Chief Of Staff Miles Taylor, who penned an anti-Trump book and anonymously sent letters to newspapers during the administration, spoke to CNN anchor Jim Acosta about what he believes the dangers are of the former president’s words.

“The FBI is investigating online threats against grand jurors who voted this week to indict former President Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia,” the anchor said.

“Some jurors have had their addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts shared on the Internet after their names were made public in the 98-page indictment.

“Joining us now to talk about this and other aspects of the Trump case is Miles Taylor. He’s the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration, the author of the new book, ‘Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump,’” he said.


“And I suppose there’s the current Trump as well to talk about.

“You know, he’s made these inflammatory comments about the judge, about the special counsel, and so on in these cases. You worked in his administration. How do you think this is going to play out? I’ve talked to — I was talking with John Dean about this last night,” the anchor said.

“It’s going to be difficult to constrain him. And it seems as though he thinks he can just cross the line and nothing’s going to happen based on past experience,” he said.

The past experience he may be talking about is his time as CNN White House correspondent when he made his name by going after the former president every chance he had.

“Genuinely, Jim, I’ve been living inside of this data about political threats and political intimidation. and I worry, legitimately, that people are going to die,” the author said.

“And we are seeing the threat of political assassination in this country is off the charts.

“And the experts I talked to compare it to only one thing, the 1960s. And we, of course, saw political violence. We saw political assassination in the 1960s. God forbid that happens, but the data supports that there’s that danger,” he said.

But neither of the two men talked about the threats that the former president and his supporters have gotten.

“Look, we just saw the president of the United States threatened with an assassination plot. We saw on January 6th the vice president of the United States threatened with death. We saw Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, her home broken into.

“That’s the presidential line of succession, not to mention the senior members of Congress, the Supreme Court justices, who have been threatened with death,” he said.


“The governor of Michigan, who had an assassination plot, and this array of state and local election officials. So I do worry about it.

“And we saw, after his home was raided a year ago, a man went to the FBI field office in Ohio and shot it up,” he said.

“The judge here in D.C., after he was charged, has been threatened with assassination.

“And of course. now the jurors in Georgia in the case after he was indicted have been doxed and threatened. I do worry we are seeing the light blinking red,” he said.

He mentioned the Supreme Court Justices who have been threatened, but did not mention that those are the conservative Justices.

He also did not mention June 14, 2017 mass shooting of Republican Congressmen by Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson that left four people shot, including Republican Rep. Steve Scalise.

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