Dan Bongino Tells Megyn Kelly About ‘The Gift Of Failure’


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Dan Bongino, the retired U.S. Secret Service Agent-turned-political commentator, opened up to fellow former Fox News host Megyn Kelly on The Megyn Kelly Show about the real reason he left Fox News, his book “The Gift of Failure,” and in an emotional moment discussed his 2020 diagnosis with cancer and how he was able to rise above those obstacles.

Quoting his book “The Gift of Failure,” Kelly opened the interview by reading, “Failure is not the opposite of success. It is a necessary part of the journey towards it.”

Bongino laughed recalling, “I thought to myself that the funny thing is we actually wrote that line when we were putting a book together and formatting it I wrote it at the end and had to reformat the book to put it in the beginning.”

Over the course of the stirring interview, Bongino explained his own departure from Fox in April to Kelly. His departure left many guessing particularly given that it was timed so close to the seismic departure of top-rated prime-time host Tucker Carlson, leading to major speculation on its cause.


“I think a lot of people think this may be some kind of anti-Trump thing. I gotta say — that wasn’t my case,” Bongino told Kelly.

“I was not targeted. My show, they were dying to re-up — we negotiated for an entire year. So I can’t tell you like, ‘Oh, Fox got rid of me,’ because they didn’t. The liberal jerk wads are gonna go, ‘Oh Dan Bongino was fired.’ I just give them the middle fingers. It’s just stupid,” Bongino explained.

“I negotiate my own deals. I don’t have an agent. I do my own business deals. I don’t need any, I do my own business. They wanted the show. I just had a different vision for my role at the network and that’s okay. I’m not the Saturday guy, Megyn, I’m sorry I can’t work six days a week. I’ve got young kids and I’m not working six days a week. And even though we recorded the show on Friday, you know, the inside baseball of Fox, what happens when there’s breaking news? Which with Trump out there is all the time — you gotta be on,” Bongino concluded.

The issue, as so many of them are, was contractual. Bongino told viewers that the offer from Fox had a baked-in clause that would require the 48-year-old cancer survivor to be on call at all times to cover breaking news.“It’s hard — so I couldn’t do it. And I said, ‘I’m sorry, that’s not gonna work out.’ So I definitely was not fired. Liberals are just making that up… but I’m not the easiest guy to deal with Megyn.”

Bongino continued, “And the thing, I think your success out there on your own has bought you is freedom. Money buys freedom.”

“I was in a position with them where I could walk away from a show on Fox and say, ‘I’m sorry, that’s not my vision.’ And it’s different. But someone told me later that, you know, in the end, they weren’t that eager the last few weeks to make this thing work because, ‘you could be a little aggravating to work with’ and they’re not wrong,” he added.


Bongino later in the interview recalled the day he was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and his difficult battle with the illness.

He told Kelly in his trademark New York accent, “I said uh Doc is a fatty tumor right? And he says ‘Uh, you need to get dressed and come inside.’ And I’m like what the like what do you mean so I go inside? And there’s a little room and he’s reading it live so I don’t have to wait. You know? And he’s like ‘A fatty tumor would be gray or white he says ‘That’s your neck,’ and I said ‘Well that’s Pitch Black!’ and he’s like ‘Yeah it is.’ I said ‘What is that?,’ he said ‘I don’t know what it is. I can tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t a fatty tumor.”

Gathering himself he revealed, “And uh… I just I don’t know man I just lost it I went out and ‘I…I gotta go,’ I just had to go and I walked outside and I got my wife on the phone I’m in my truck outside and I said ‘I.. I have a tumor in my neck ‘It’s like a fatty tumor right?’ I said ‘No, no it’s not. It’s not a fatty tumor and I don’t think…I… I… I… I… I was devastated I mean I couldn’t believe it.”


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