FBI Director Shakes White House With Response To Question On Federal Investigation Into Joe Biden


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FBI Director Christopher Wray said something during his testimony before the House of Representatives that should have President Joe Biden and the White House shaken.

The FBI Director was being questioned by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday when Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany questioned him as to whether or not the president was under federal investigation for taking an alleged $5 million bribe.

“Did Joe Biden take payments from Burisma or any other foreign companies as vice president, President, or as a private citizen Biden?” the representative said.

That was when the FBI Director gave an answer that left more questions.

“As you may know, there is an ongoing investigation being led by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, Mr. Weiss, appointed by President Trump in the last administration that our Baltimore field office is working with,” he said. “And I would refer you to him as to what if anything can be —”

“So, the president is under he is under investigation?” the representative said.


“I’m not going to confirm or speak to who is or isn’t under investigation for what,” the FBI Director said before the representative interrupted him.

“So, he’s not under investigation?” he said.

“I didn’t say that either,” the FBI Director said. “By long standing department policy and practice, I’m not going to be confirming or denying who is or isn’t under investigation.”

The FBI Director mentioned the department’s policy but it had to shake the White House that he could not say that the president was not being investigated.

The testimony comes after it has been reported that the president’s son, Hunter Biden, may have more legal issues of his own.

A new report has said that an official from the Department of Justice claims there are discussions about postponing finalizing Hunter Biden’s plea deal as scrutiny over what many believe is a slap on the wrist continues, The Daily Mail reported.

Republicans are asking for the judge who has to decide whether or not to accept the plea deal to nix it as questions continue to surround Attorney Merrick garland and his involvement, if any in the case.

The Attorney General informed Congress that he did not involve himself in the Hunter Biden case but not everyone believes that.

Now the Heritage Foundation is suing the Department of Justice for not releasing records of communications from Delaware prosecutor David Weiss’ under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Mail reported:


A court filing by the Foundation last week documented a June 29 phone call between their lawyer and DoJ counsel Jason Lynch, in which the Justice official allegedly made the stunning admission.

Foundation lawyer Samuel Dewey pointed out to the DoJ attorney that they could ask the federal judge in Hunter’s criminal case for his July 26 plea hearing to be delayed, to give them more time to process and release Weiss’ records and allow scrutiny of the prosecutorial bargain.

‘DoJ Counsel indicated that Plaintiffs were ‘’absolutely right’’ that the Department could file such a motion and that DoJ Counsel would take that point back to the ‘District’ (presumably speaking of the District of Delaware),” the attorney said.

That has some presuming that the Department of Justice is considering changing or nixing the plea agreement.

“They have the capability to move the plea deal, though they didn’t indicate any likelihood they would,” Mike Howell, the Heritage Foundation Oversight Director, said to

“The public has an interest to assess for themselves: is this a sweetheart deal? It certainly appears to be.

“This information needs to be out and it’s in the public interest for it to be out prior to any plea being signed off on,” he said.

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