Former Secret Service Agent Says Trump Should Not Pay Bond In Georgia


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Former Fox News host, and former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino has an idea for former President Donald Trump that could shake his Fulton County, Georgia case to its core.

He said that he should force District Attorney Fani Willis’ hand and refuse to pay his bond and have her place him behind bars.

He made the comments during his show and said that “crazy times” called for “different, crazy, bold approaches.”

“Folks, I don’t think the Trump team should post the bond. I don’t,” the host said. “This may sound like a crazy idea, but folks, we’re living in crazy times. And crazy times require different, crazy, bold approaches.”

“Fani Willis wants to be a smarta** tyrant, little socialist communist like she is down in Fulton County, Georgia? Don’t post. Don’t post the bond,” he said. “You’re gonna jail him? Let’s elect our first political prisoner. Go ahead. Go to jail. Let the Secret Service shut the entire jail down, and we’ll see how long you’re willing to keep this charade going.”

“Let them put him in jail for a bit — folks, I know it sounds crazy,” the host said, saying that the Secret Service could declare any area, including a prison, a protected area.


“You may think it’s a crazy idea,” he said. “I don’t think so. Folks, you’ve seen people around the world take a stand like this. And it’s easy for me to say, I get it, I wouldn’t be the one in a prison cell — but you want to send a message? Let’s see, let’s see what happens.”

“Make them put you in jail and make them show America their a**es and show America who they really are. And let’s see how long this lasts,” the host said.

He said that “the eff around and find out time has long since passed.”

Georgia Republican lawmakers are going after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis after being thwarted on impeachment by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

“Trump backers are going after Willis using a new state law approved by Gov. Brian Kemp that creates a state commission with power to sanction or oust prosecutors found to be neglecting their duties or responsible for an array of other violations,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

It comes after former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates were charged with racketeering in an effort to change the results of the 2020 presidential election.

On Monday Sen. Clint Dixon said he was going to file a complaint against Willis in October when the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission begins proceedings.

He said that he believed “unabashed goal to become some sort of leftist celebrity.”

“Once the Prosecutorial Oversight Committee is appointed in October, we can have them investigate and take action against Fani Willis and her efforts that weaponize the justice system against political opponents,” he said.


“This is our best measure, and I will be ready to call for that investigation,” he said.

The report said.

This scenario is what a coalition of opponents, including Willis and Democratic leaders, warned about during debate over the legislation. It passed this year, mostly along party lines, at the urging of Kemp and Republican Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, a Trump supporter whose candidacy last year was backed by the former president.

Kemp and Republican sponsors said it was designed to pursue “rogue prosecutors” who were ignoring their duties or flouting the law, avoiding overt mention of Willis. Even so, Democrats warned it would inevitably be used to target her for investigating Trump.

Kemp has responded to a request for a special session of the state legislature to begin impeachment against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The governor said that he had not been shown any evidence that State Sen. Colton Moore has the support of “3/5 of each respective house” to impeach the district attorney, Fox News reported.

“We have not been provided any evidence to support that assertion,” the governor’s spokesman, Garrison Douglas, said to Fox News.

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