Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Bill Declaring Antifa A Domestic Terrorist Org


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Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reacted to riots in Atlanta over the weekend during an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on Monday by announcing she would be filing legislation to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group.

To open the segment, Carlson referenced what many believe was an Antifa-led protest that turned into another riot in the city, during which participants caused damage to private property and torched a police vehicle. Newsweek reported that the “suspects are facing multiple misdemeanor and felony charges, including domestic terrorism.”

During her appearance on Carlson’s show, Greene talked about her legislation and blamed Democratic officials for a massive spike in crime in Dem-run cities around the country for adopting measures such as getting rid of cash bail and refusing to prosecute a basket of crimes.

Carlson called members of the group “the biggest armed militia in the United States” that few Americans know much about because the major media organizations have so far refused to investigate the group and report on its activities since “they are aligned with the Democratic Party” before bringing in Greene.


“I think, honestly, America is sick and tired of Antifa,” she began. “Antifa is the ground troops of the Democrat party … They never get prosecuted. That’s because, well we know the truth, it’s the Democrats in control.”

“Well, it’s time to do something about Antifa,” she continued. “That’s why I’m going to introduce legislation to declare Antifa domestic terrorists. Because they need to be taken apart. We need to investigate exactly who they are, who funds them.”

She also said that the group’s supporters “defend Democrat causes,” including what she said were “the drag queens targeting our children with Drag Queen Story Time.”

Greene also noted that due to their behavior, members of the group are not actually “anti-fascists” like they claim but “the fascists.”



Newsweek went on to cite a study that claimed “left-wing radicals were less likely to use violence than right-wing and Islamist radicals,” but the vast majority of rioting over the past two years — especially since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis — have been tied to left-wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


In fact, left-wing violence in the U.S. has been occurring for decades, according to a study from George Washington University’s Program on Extremism.

“Anarchist/left wing violent extremism, often referred to in United States government parlance with the catch-all term ‘anarchist violent extremism’ (AVE), has a long-standing history in the U.S. The political climate in recent years has intensified focus, interest, and controversy surrounding the activities of specific left-wing extremist currents. Despite this, there is a dearth of quality, impartial, and non-partisan research on these groups and the individual violent extremists associated with them,” a summary of the study notes.

“A recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) joint report that reviewed significant domestic terrorism incidents in the U.S. between 2015 and 2019 found that AVEs were among the extremist groups ‘presenting the greatest threats of violence,'” it added.

As for Greene, it may be easier than many think for her to get her bill passed.

Last month, while reflecting on the party’s less-than-stellar performance during the recent midterm elections, the Georgia Republican noted that several members of her party have steadily and increasingly moved further to the right in response to the highly partisan nature of Democrats during the past four years they were in control of the chamber.


“I have a vision of a Republican Party that truly serves the American people and our many great needs,” she noted to begin a Twitter thread. “Our House GOP conference all suffered together so much in the past two years and many House Republicans have changed and moved to the right, but the base doesn’t know yet.”

“Another story the base doesn’t know: Many House Republicans learned for the first time after J6 what it’s like to not have support from K Street and big corporations bc they refused to donate for much of the past two years,” she said, referencing the blame the party took for the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

“This was a good lesson in many ways because while Republicans were tossed to the side by K Street & Big Corporate bc of all the woke agenda bs and insurrection lies, many House Republicans learned they don’t need K Street and Big Corporate like they need them,” Greene added. “We won the House after being shunned by them.”

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